Milled files

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Milled tooth files

Milled files are a narrow group of files intended for rough machining of metals. They are mainly used in locksmith work, machining of metal castings, etc.

Construction of milled files

Milled files, like other types of files, consist of a working part and a handle. The working part of the file is cut in diagonal grooves of different sizes by a milling process. The working part of milled files is made of carbon tool steel. They are equipped with 1- or 2-component plastic handles.

Types of milled files

According to their cross-sectional shape, milled files are classified into flat and semicircular.

Main technical characteristics of milled files

The technical parameters which characterize milled files are workpiece length, workpiece width, workpiece thickness, pitch, type (number), cut type, cross-section shape and total weight.

Applications for milled files

Milling files are used for such operations as surface levelling, deburring, chamfering and rounding. These tools are used to file materials such as aluminium, grey cast iron, steel, steels with a hardness of up to 1200 N/mm2, brass, copper, etc. They are manufactured by Bahco, Gedore, Hazet, Stanley, Pferd and others.