Mechanical torque wrenches

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Mechanical torque wrenches

Mechanical torque wrenches are precision tools designed to measure the tightening torque of bolts and to screw them in accurately. These tools are used in mechanical services: vehicles, machinery, etc., as well as in companies involved in the repair of power grids.

Construction and principle of operation of mechanical torque wrenches

We distinguish between torque wrenches which are used to measure the tightening torque of bolts, so-called indicating tools, and torque tools which are only used to tighten bolts to a specific torque, so-called adjustable tools. Indicating torque wrenches include twist or flex shank wrenches (class A) and rigid body wrenches with scale or dial indicator or display (class B), while adjustable torque wrenches include graduated wrenches (class A) and fixed setting wrenches (class B). Class A indicating wrenches operate with a spring-loaded arm or round shank that requires a torque to bend or, in the case of the shank, twist. Class A and B adjustable torque wrenches, on the other hand, use a tension lever to measure torque. When a pre-set torque or higher is applied to them, their lever arm is flexed (actually bent). The tension effect is achieved by a special mechanism with which the value of the tightening torque required can be adjusted. Class A adjustable wrenches have a graduation which is used to set the tightening torque value, while Class B adjustable wrenches are fixed at the factory to a specific tightening torque.

Mechanical torque wrenches use interchangeable ratchets and various fixed bits as direct contact elements with the bolt heads. There are also torque wrenches with ratchets and ratchet bits which are not interchangeable on the market.

Main technical characteristics of mechanical torque wrenches

The main technical characteristics of manual mechanical torque wrenches are: Torque range or force (Nm), accuracy (%), square drive size, overall length (mm), overall weight (g).

Applications of mechanical torque wrenches

Mechanical torque wrenches are used for responsible bolt installation. Thus, they are used in various types of mechanical (automotive, aerospace, machinery, railroad, etc.) and energy services, as well as in factory departments or maintenance companies. They are manufactured by Bahco, Facom, Gedore, Hazet and many others.