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250EXPERT slicer

250EXPERT slicer

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  • Manufacturer: Royal Catering
  • Manufacturer Code: MP10010173
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Bet on high-quality devices that will become invaluable support in your restaurant. Professional meat grinders or potato peelers will improve the functioning of a restaurant or bar. Useful devices will also be a mixer and a pasta squeezer and slicers for cold meats and vegetables. Planetary meat mixer is perfect for bakeries to prepare dough for baking bread. A device that will be useful in every gastronomic establishment is also a multifunctional robot. A coffee grinder, a waffle iron and a electric citrus squeezer will be perfect for a café. Choose equipment from the best manufacturers that will meet all your expectations and needs. Place an order today and enjoy the best equipment that will improve your work in the premises.

Professional meat grinders - equipment for a butcher shop

To run a butcher's shop, you need the right equipment to facilitate the processing of meat, cold cuts and dairy products. First of all, professional meat grinders and gastronomic slicers will be useful. It is worth ordering a solid butcher block, wooden or polyethylene, as well as a meat and bone saw. You will also need meat grinders and choppers, and for the production of sausages - stuffers. Professional meat slicer will allow you to prepare excellent hams and other products. The offer includes a wide selection of equipment, as well as accessories and machine parts. The restaurant should also be equipped with a table with a sink. To ensure the best conditions for storing meat, cold cuts and dairy products, cold stores and refrigerated display cabinets will be necessary. Equip the butcher's shop with high-quality and easy-to-clean stainless steel furniture, thanks to which the organization of work will be much better.

Gastronomic slicers - not only for meat

Choose professional gastronomic slicers that will support the work of restaurants, bars and bakeries. They will allow for precise cutting of cheese, meat, vegetables and bread. This is an opportunity to get the perfect tomato or sausage slices. The professional sausage cutter will be perfect for butcher shops and restaurants serving good quality meat. Thanks to the vegetable cutters, you do not have to waste time on manual and time-consuming cutting. It is also worth investing in a potato peeler, which will quickly handle a large amount of this vegetable, leaving it without the skin. It is a perfect solution for both restaurants and school canteens. A bread slicer is perfect for bakeries. Bet on professional equipment for gastronomic establishments from the best producers.

Planetary meat mixer and other bakery equipment and more

Planetary meat mixer is a modern device, indispensable in bakeries. It is used to prepare dough for baking bread, through appropriate aeration and fluffing. When running a bakery, it is also worth taking care of bread cooling trolleys, rolling machines and slicers. Excellent rolls can be prepared by the workers using the dough rounder. If the premises also produces other food products or you want to expand your business as an owner, you will need, for example, a pasta squeezer. Many bakeries also offer cakes and cake preparation. In such a situation, it is worth investing in a display case and rotating plates, thanks to which customers will be able to see what the sweets look like.

If you run a café, it is worth taking care of an extensive menu. The basis are doughs that can be prepared using, inter alia, a mixer, cutting or punching rollers and a spatula for lubrication. It would be good to offer ice cream, and above all coffee, which you will prepare from freshly ground beans in a coffee grinder. You can also serve freshly squeezed juices - for this you will need an electric citrus juicer. Appropriate equipping of the premises is a chance for good organization of work. Bet on functional devices and furniture of the highest quality. You will find everything in one place. Place an order today and enjoy the convenience!