Measurement technique, control technique

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Measurement technology, control technology

The efficient and effective production process is characterized by high quality and repeatability. Their achievement is possible thanks to regular checks of various types of parameters, for which you will use the appropriate measurement technology, control technology. The individual parameters determine the proper functioning of a given technological process. Measurement technology, control technology allows you to increase production efficiency and its quality, which will allow you to meet the constantly growing market requirements.

Measurement technique

Measurement technology enables constant monitoring of parameters. The most frequently controlled physical property is temperature, which plays a significant role in various technological processes. Temperature is particularly important in industries such as the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It is equally important to control the temperature of individual automation components during their operation. Appropriate measuring technique allows you to prevent breakdowns and damage, as well as quickly detect irregularities in the operation of a given machine. In this category you will find the most advanced measuring devices or pyrometers collecting data without contact. They work well in the case of a spot measurement or a small area. The most innovative solutions offered by measurement technology in the field of temperature are thermal imaging cameras. They offer a wider spectrum of possibilities and allow you to explore a large space in a fraction of a second.

Besides the temperature, the measuring technique is also used to monitor the pressure. In this case, rely on pressure gauges or electronic components for them, and you will get precise measurement results in various recording and control systems. In industry, there is also a need to control the flow of gases, liquids or loose materials. Its main purpose is early leak detection and protection against potential failures. On our auction site you will find mechanical and electrical flow meters from proven manufacturers. With the help of appropriate devices, which use measurement technology, you can also successfully check the humidity. Too high a level can damage electronic equipment. Measurement technique also enables network parameters to be analysed. Choose high-class meters and network analyzers that will check the quality of the energy consumed. Measurement technique from this category will surely meet your expectations.

Control technology

The constant monitoring of the production conditions is ensured by measurement technology, control technology, in turn, is to guarantee effective automation and comprehensive performance. Control technology is all devices that are responsible for control, regulation, monitoring, data collection, communication and diagnostics. Measurement technology, control technology and high-quality devices implemented in production processes contribute to its increased efficiency. Control technology includes, among others: SPS - programmable logic controller, CNC - computer control of numerical devices, which are most often used in machine tools, and RC - Robot Control designed especially for the needs of industrial robots.

In this category you will find the right solutions for every control technique. Starting from standalone applications to network and distributed systems. Control technology should be provided by a single supplier to guarantee trouble-free operation. Choose from functional monitoring relays or safety relays. Are you interested in diagnostic devices for safety devices or controller technician? It is all waiting for you right here. The products are available in limited quantities. You can choose drivers of various specifications or entire compatible systems.

Measurement technology, control technology is a category in which you will find devices that ensure optimal working conditions for all machines. They effectively prevent breakdowns and increase production efficiency. In addition, the fact that they are made of the highest quality materials translates into their long service life. If you have any questions, please contact us and our specialists will be happy to provide advice and assistance.