Marking systems

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Marking systems

Marking systems are a very wide category of accessories needed during construction of electrical installations. They can be used to ensure that cable runs are neat and tidy, and facilitate maintenance. In this category you will also find a variety of electrical markings, which are designed to increase the security of the installation - protecting against unauthorized access or improper use.

Cable Marking Systems

Cable marking systems are used in distribution boards and electrical installations. They can take many forms, but their purpose is always the same - to organize and make it easier to find individual cables.

A popular type of markers are small plastic elements, which are applied to electrical cables in the connection area. They have a contrasting print - usually black lettering on a yellow background, although there are also multi-coloured sets. These marker systems can have different characters printed on them - numbers, letters or special characters. Some manufacturers allow you to order other types of markers.

Heat shrinkable markers which can be permanently fixed can also be supplied as part of the electrical labeling range. In turn, systems which are mounted using standard cable ties can be applied anywhere on the cable - without the need to disconnect it from the installation.

Not every marker needs to be printed. A variety of electrical marker systems are also available which are handwritten. These can take the form of a strip of self-adhesive film with a space provided for description. When marking cables, permanent markers should be used to prevent the marker from being rubbed off.

For more advanced work on electrical installations, cable marker printers are also used. These devices allow you to produce legible labels on the fly. In the Cable Marking Systems category, you will also find various accessories for cable marking, such as marker holders and sleeves.

Warning tapes and foils

Warning tapes are used to mark the path of electrical cables. Such marking systems are necessary, for example, during the construction of a long-distance power grid. They are used to protect against accidental contact of unauthorized persons with electrical wires.

In the power industry, blue and red foil warning tapes are used. Blue indicates an electrical network with a voltage not exceeding 1 kV. The red tape is used for networks with rated voltage above 1 kV. The tapes are available in plain versions or with the legible "Caution cable" print. These electrical marking systems must be manufactured in accordance with applicable standards to ensure durability over a wide temperature range and in contact with various external factors (e.g. moisture, soil)

In addition to the above, other types of warning films are used, such as red and white (to mark dangerous areas), orange (used in telecommunications), brown (used in sewerage) and yellow (used in the gas industry). Some types of foil also have a warning-location function, which, through the use of a steel insert, makes them easier to locate using detectors and locators.

Warning signs

Various warning signs are also used during the construction of electrical installations to inform bystanders of the danger. Such elements consist of both a warning sign symbolizing the voltage and legible print.

Messages on such signs include "Main switch", "Do not touch - electrical equipment", or "No unauthorised access". Signs can also provide information on emergency exits or safety rules in the plant. These types of signage systems are most often fitted with self-adhesive fasteners which enable them to be quickly installed in a given location.