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Safety rope

Adequate personal protective equipment is obligatory for all work at height. According to the regulations, an employer whose employees are at risk of falling must provide them with safe working conditions. An element that cannot be missing in this case is the lanyard. It is one of the main connecting components in the fall arrest system, range limitation, on-site positioning and rescue.

Lanyard with shock absorber is the ultimate method of protection when all others cannot be used. Lifelines do not prevent falls, they stop a person and mitigate any effects of tripping or losing balance. For this reason, their strong and stable structure is important, which will not break under the influence of the body weight, and additionally will keep them in the right position, preventing other injuries or fractures.

Safety rope is useful for all types of work at height, in particular on masts, lattice structures, ladders and poles. In our store you will find lifelines in various variants, with adjustable length: 1.4 m, 1.6 m, 2.0 m or non-adjustable models. The rope for the safety harness is made of extremely durable and flexible components, which translates into the comfort of work in such protection and the reliability of the equipment for a long time.

In order for the equipment to last for many years, it is important to take care of it properly. If it gets wet or dirty, just wipe the line with a damp cloth and then let it dry in a ventilated place. We offer the best quality safety lines with snap fasteners with a service life of up to 10 years from the production date. The actual useful life depends on the technical condition of the product. It should be subject to periodic inspection at least once a year. Increase the frequency of inspections if the equipment is used extensively or under severe conditions, such as moisture or contact with chemicals.

Safety rope with shock absorber

The fall arrest system consists of three elements - a hook (anchor point), a connecting and shock-absorbing system and a safety harness. Lanyard is connected to the shock absorber and fastened to the harness with snaps. The set thus completed is attached to the anchor point. In our offer you will find all the components that will be necessary to create a complete security set. A lanyard with shock absorber or a lanyard with carabiners are also available. The combination of individual components into one product makes it easier to create a complete set and guarantees a lower price.

The elements of safety equipment are categorized as PPE category II, which means direct protection of health and life. Therefore, take care of proven equipment of the highest quality that meets all the necessary requirements. Our offer includes various models of lanyards that meet the EN 354 standard. Lanyard CY is made of polyamide core rope with a diameter of 12 mm. It comes in a regulated version or not. The safety rope CL is made of a twisted polyamide rope with a diameter of 14 mm. This model is only available in an adjustable version. Depending on the type you choose and your needs, the lines can be equipped with different types of snap hooks with an opening of 17 to 110 mm.

Take care of your own or your employees' safety. Working at heights threatens the loss of health and life, so do not choose half measures. Visit our online store and choose the highest-class equipment that meets the strictest restrictions. This is a guarantee of reliable protection in the event of stumbling or falling. Safety lines, shock absorbers and harness - you will find all this at an attractive price, without leaving your home. Choose solutions tailored to the type of work, if in doubt, our specialists will help. Professional lanyard with snap fasteners is not the only specialist product in our offer. Check out the other categories and match the products to your needs!