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Leather safety sandals, size 46
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Leather safety sandals, size 46

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  • For metal: 65
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  • Temperature range: 90
  • Hair / brush height mm: 06
  • Mark: 09
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  • Number of puller arms: 40
  • LED: 2
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Leg protection

Full body protective clothing is important in many ways. However, industries whose employees face the risk of injury on a daily basis need not only effective measures to protect the torso and head, but also arms and legs. Leg protection is very important in this case. Safety footwear is designed to protect against several threats at the same time, which is why it is so important to choose the right parameters and their properties. In this category, you will find footwear made of various materials that can be adapted to the needs of your employees and their working conditions.

Leg protection in this category are footwear such as low shoes, sandals and rubber boots. Some of our proposals are equipped with toe caps or steel inserts, while others have special metatarsal protection. It is extremely important because it is this item of clothing that protects the foot against mechanical, chemical and biological factors that can permanently damage the human body. It also protects the legs against unfavorable weather and thermal factors. Choose the appropriate proposals from our wide offer - you will surely find steel reinforced work shoes and insulated safety shoes for cold rooms and warehouses.

Work shoes - what they will protect against

Our wide offer includes not only practical shoes, but also rubber shoes. All of them have the necessary quality certificates and are suitable for working in difficult conditions and you can use them to perform various tasks. Durable materials that were used to construct them are reliable materials - they will protect the foot against the risks associated with working in a factory or in a hall. You will find the right safety footwear with us!

Work shoes is a garment that protects a particularly sensitive part of the body. It prevents many injuries and injuries. They are used to protect against the fall of heavy and sharp objects, leaks of acids, oils and other harmful liquids, as well as against changing temperatures, electricity and slippery surfaces. Work shoes that are used in the construction, agricultural and chemical industries are usually rubber shoes. It also works well in the fishing and food industries. They provide good protection against slipping, and some models are additionally insulated to ensure not only safety, but also full comfort for their user. You will also find practical chest waders, which additionally protect the entire lower body against negative factors.

Leg protection - types

Leg protection is essential both at work and when running a business - both the factory owner and the sole trader who may endanger health should remember to provide workers and yourself with appropriate leg protection . Therefore, you will find many different types of safety footwear that meets European standards. Safety shoes antistatic are non-slip propositions that are made of chrome-plated leather and have an antistatic sole. They are equipped with steel tips. They can be used in potentially flammable places, but also in potentially explosive environments. We also offer safe safety shoes non-slip, which is slightly less resistant, but will be perfect for working in a warehouse. What's more, we also offer sailing and uniform shoes, and even protective galoshes. These types of work shoes are characterized by a high standard of workmanship, thanks to which they provide protection for a long time.

Leg protection - what else will you find here?

In addition to various types of shoes, we also offer specialist socks, pads and accessories, including knee pads . They have a compact shape, thanks to which they will be a great complement to workwear. They are available in various sizes and with the possibility of adjustment. Knee pads are usually made of polyethylene, but we also offer gel knee pads , which will minimize discomfort during work that requires resting on the knees, such as paving stones. The proposals are comfortable to use and are durable even in the event of increased use. In our online store you will also get accessories for work shoes , which will facilitate work and ensure comfort while performing the assigned tasks. So you will find here not only shoe inserts with different properties and sizes, but also shoe sachets. In order for the shoes to be functional, it is also important to ensure their good condition. You can do it with the help of the waxes, impregnants, brushes and cleaners we offer. Also remember about the element necessary for each job - the work socks you get here will be perfect for heavy works and will ensure effective thermal protection. Some of them have antibacterial and antifungal properties, which ensure maximum hygiene. Find out what other body protection measures you can find with us and check out the other categories.