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Kitchen equipment

For the proper operation of each place, you need high-class equipment and kitchen utensils. The offer includes, among others, gastronomic knives, gastronomic containers and other needed professional kitchen accessories. This allows you to equip a restaurant, hotel buffet or café. Catering equipment should be reliable, so it is worth checking the parameters and size.

Catering equipment - the basis of every restaurant

Kitchen utensils are an essential part of the equipment of every restaurant. In this category you will find pans, knives, pots, sauce guns and many other accessories. Thanks to purchases on the B2B platform, you can conveniently order all the necessary products with delivery to your premises.

Gastronomy equipment includes water dispensers, coffee makers, pots, saucepans, vacuum packers and scales, among others. Thanks to them, you can not only prepare dishes, but also professionally pack them so that they safely reach the customer. And this is extremely important in the case of catering and event companies. Products purchased through the MerXu platform come from many suppliers, and they will also serve you for a long time and extremely efficiently. Thanks to the possibility of buying products dedicated to a professional kitchen in one place, you save not only time but also money.

Kitchen utensils useful in a restaurant

Fast and efficient cutting of dishes is ensured by appropriately sharpened gastronomic knives. They are made of a single piece of stainless steel with a non-slip rubberized grip. Thanks to this, they fit perfectly in the hand and allow for precise cutting of ingredients. In addition to knives, the offer also includes accessories in which you can conveniently store vegetables, fruit or loose products. gastronomic containers available in this category allow you to organize your cutlery or keep the bar clean.

If you run a catering company or want to introduce a food delivery offer, it is worth investing in a gastronomic bain-marie. Thanks to it, individual dishes will keep you warm throughout the duration of the event. The offer also includes various types of pots and pans - both for induction hobs and traditional gas burners. You will also find items here that will help you serve hot meals. One of them is a lamp for heating food. The appearance of the premises will undoubtedly be improved by the buffet display.

On the MerXu shopping platform, you will also find electrical products, such as a kettle or an induction cooker. If you care about serving good coffee, you must buy an automatic coffee grinder and a professional coffee machine. A hand mixer will also be useful, and in an Italian restaurant - a gas pasta cooker. You will also find elements that will allow you to create a unique atmosphere in the restaurant and make consumption more enjoyable for customers. These include a bread basket or special glass bottles for water or juice and jars that can successfully replace cups or glasses. Various types of classic drink jugs and elegant cutlery are also available.

GM containers - always hot meals

GM containers will fulfill their purpose during outdoor events. They will effectively help maintain the temperature of both hot and cold meals. GM containers ensure that food products will be well protected during their transport, also during the restaurant's working hours. They are often used in places where meals and buffets are served. A similar effect is shown by gastronomic bain marie. This device is used for long-term keeping of all dishes at the right temperature. Thanks to the appropriate system, it ensures that meals are always warm and cannot burn. They will work well in a restaurant that serves meals in the form of a Swedish table, as well as at private parties, when the client decides to take advantage of the catering option with delivery. Gastronomy containers can be used at temperatures from -20 to even 300 degrees Celsius. You can find various sizes and sizes at proven suppliers.

For the restaurant to work efficiently and the kitchen to work well, you will need professional kitchen accessories. An investment in good quality gastronomic equipment guarantees reliable operation and trouble-free operation. The MerXu online platform is a place where you will surely find everything you need to comprehensively equip your kitchen and bar.