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Kitchen equipment

Catering kitchen equipment is not only stainless steel table with a sink. If you want the kitchen in a restaurant to be of the highest quality, it is worth investing in professional kitchen accessories. The necessary products available on the MerXu online platform come from many different vendors. Thanks to it, you have the opportunity to buy kitchen accessories not only from Poland, but also from producers from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania and Slovakia. The equipment of the gastronomic kitchen should meet the appropriate standards and facilitate the preparation of dishes by the chefs. Choose quality at a good price! Quick implementation and the possibility of delivery to the building significantly facilitates the preparation of the premises.

Professional kitchen accessories - the basis for a good-quality kitchen

Professional kitchen accessories include gas cooker and table with sink. The kitchen should be equipped with dedicated appliances and a worktop, as well as meet the standards set by the regulations. It is worth installing appropriate shelves with a special, higher edge on the side of the wall. Thanks to hanging models, on which you can arrange the necessary spices or dishes, the room will always be tidy.

A table with a sink and a waste container with a pedal make cleaning easier. In the kitchen, it is also worth having a special ice container, as well as a table planetary mixer with a glass blender. It will also be a good idea to invest in a food dryer and a squeezer, thanks to which you can add juices squeezed from fresh fruit to the menu, especially useful in hotels or restaurants offering breakfast. It is also worth providing guests with the opportunity to prepare their own sandwiches by purchasing a sandwich toaster. In this category you will also find products dedicated to washing individual kitchen accessories, for example aluminum molds, professional cleaning agents will help to remove dirt.

Gas kitchen core - the center of the kitchen universe

Gas ​​cooktop is used for heat treatment of food products. The device consists of a supporting structure and a housing as well as a gas supply system to individual elements - the burners and the igniter. A gas cooker is equipment that will allow cooks to quickly prepare the best quality dishes. Next to the gas stove, it is worth placing an electric potato peeler, which will certainly facilitate and speed up the process of preparing vegetables.

In the kitchen, a plate warmer will also be useful, thanks to which the dishes served on them will not cool down so quickly. To significantly speed up the washing process, it is worth equipping the room with a functional dishwasher. A model that holds multiple pieces of tableware saves time and money. If soups are to appear on the menu, it will certainly be a good idea to buy a special cauldron - a good solution that will not only visually surprise the customer, but also allow him to adjust the portion himself. It will also work well in restaurants or hotel buffets, where self-service during meals is obligatory. In this case, it is also worth equipping the place with a juice dispenser, which can be prepared in advance thanks to a dedicated juicer.

Equipment for gastronomic kitchen

Professional kitchen accessories are also granitors, food dryers and appliances such as a table with a sink, to which a special battery with a so-called "shower" is connected. This set will certainly help to keep the kitchen clean. Many entrepreneurs decide to introduce several different positions in the kitchen - a gas stove can be successfully replaced by a functional induction hob. If you are going to serve desserts, there should be a cooling display in the restaurant, which will additionally highlight individual cakes or monoportions.

All the equipment necessary for the proper operation of the kitchen can be found on the MerXu online shopping platform. High-class devices for thermal processing, refrigerators, small household appliances, granitors, food dryers come from reputable manufacturers specializing in the production of equipment dedicated to the HoReCa industry. Check also the other categories and see how you can equip a restaurant, catering company or hotel.