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Industrial Switchgear

Industrial switchgears are used in many areas of electrical infrastructure. They enable protection and proper operation of electrical apparatus. Industrial electrical cabinets are mounted both inside buildings and independent external elements of the architecture of electrical transmission lines and distribution points. They can be small and one-piece enclosures for use in low voltage lines, or take the form of large cabinets with many sections. Depending on the type and application, they are made of plastic or metal with anti-corrosion coatings.

Industrial building switchboards

Electrical industrial construction cabinets are intended for the distribution of energy and protection of consumers on construction sites and in the external infrastructure of installations supplying power to the machines working there. As per safety standards, they are protected adequately mechanically and electrically against possible short circuits in the installation. For this purpose appropriate standards of tightness and mechanical resistance to damage are used. Electrical protection is carried out by the main, emergency circuit breaker, residual current circuit breaker and redundant disconnectors. External industrial switchboards are usually made of aluminum protected against corrosion by plastic coating or powder painted. This provides very good resistance to corrosion and aesthetic appearance. In some cases, aluminum or stainless steel is used for construction. Industrial building switchboards are usually in the form of independent poles or are intended for wall mounting. They are equipped with external 220V and 380V connection sockets.

Industrial electrical cabinets

Enclosures of all types are also used in various industries. They take the form of telecommunication switchboards, cabinets containing control and measurement equipment for automatic production lines, or standing or suspended places for managing various electrical signals. In larger sizes, they can occur in multi-door models of universal enclosures, control desks or cabinets with dedicated internal equipment. These include ready-made tilt and fixed mounting frames, connection strips, as well as ventilation devices, internal lighting or a number of connection buses. The selection of an appropriate enclosure allows for safe and long-lasting exploitation of devices installed in it.

Industrial switchgear - versatility

The wide range of available cabinets and enclosures enables their use in almost any location. The wide range of available cabinets and enclosures makes it possible to use them in almost any location:

  • board switchboards - have the form of small, usually made of plastic enclosures with protective doors. For the most part, these are flush-mounted casings containing a set of protections for power and lighting lines in flats, buildings, and rooms of all types. They are often called connection or fuse boxes. In special industrial versions, they are shields for extinguishing devices and fire system management points. They have red colour, glass element allowing access to the inside after emergency breaking and closing with a seal.

  • box switchgears - have much larger dimensions and the ability to accommodate many systems and electrical systems. They are also a place of work for a larger number of devices and higher operating currents. You can find them in a suspended or standing form as independent collective points. They are indispensable equipment in every production plant, where the management of a greater number of electrical devices is required.

  • cabinet switchgears - manage higher currents and usually contain complex systems for the distribution, transmission and management of energy.

Regardless of the type of material they are made of, industrial switchgear provides safe and durable protection and optimal working conditions for the equipment contained therein. Appropriately selected degree of protection against the ingress of foreign substances makes it possible to achieve sufficient tightness for outdoor operation in the infrastructure of various types of industry and power line traction. External cabinets have secure protection against unauthorised access in the form of locks and bolts.