Industrial sensors

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Industrial sensors

Industrial sensors are elements of the automation system that are used to detect and record signals from the environment, important from the point of view of the control algorithm. Currently, they are necessary for the operation of most machines and technological lines. The use of appropriate components allows the machine to automatically change material or stop the drive after producing a certain number of pieces. Industrial sensors are also an important part of the security system.

The currently developed industrial automation systems require the use of industrial sensors intelligent object detection, evaluation or measurement of process parameters important from the point of view of automation control. In the simplest sense, industrial sensors can be perceived as sensory organs of technology. No matter how complex the requirements are, appropriate industrial sensors provided by reputable manufacturers become a reliable solution in many applications.

It is worth using sensors in industrial automation because they have many advantages. They increase the efficiency of machines, improve the quality of production and reduce the risk of downtime, and thus contribute to energy savings. Properly selected, high-quality industrial sensors, which you will find on our website, will cope with any situation and in all conditions. In case of problems, our specialists will help you choose the right solution, tailored to your needs.

Industrial temperature sensors

In this category, you will find a wide range of products, including industrial temperature sensors. They make it possible to control the temperature of both machines and products. The sensor provides information about its height by means of an electrical signal. From among the many available variants, you can choose the one that suits your specific application. Industrial temperature sensors are used in most machines and systems because they largely prevent breakdowns.

Suppliers offer high-quality solutions that are distinguished primarily by optimal measurement accuracy, a wide measuring range, as well as safety and convenience of use. Industrial temperature sensors can be used in both small and uncomplicated systems, as well as in those extensive industrial systems, where they play an extremely important role. Industrial sensors of this type are used, among others, in the food, chemical and automotive industries, and also prove to be reliable for measuring the temperature of rooms, where it can be used to obtain thermal comfort, for example in production halls.

Industrial sensors - types

From a wide range of products, you can choose industrial temperature sensors, as well as many other models depending on your needs. One of the most popular types are inductive sensors, which in a non-contact way detect a metal object in their vicinity, and work with a constant DC voltage or an alternating AC voltage. Industrial sensors Capacitive sensors are used to detect liquids, glass, loose materials and wood. The laser versions, in turn, allow the detection of small objects. You will use them for special tasks, because thanks to the built-in laser they allow for precise position detection. Industrial optical sensors allow you to locate metal parts, wood, cardboard, rubber and any other plastics. When selecting them, carefully define the size of the object, its colour, background, texture, and the detection distance.

To choose the right industrial sensors, many factors must be taken into account, because the spectrum of their applications is extremely wide. Some models also have unique features designed for a specific industry, such as increased temperature resistance, extended power range, or built-in thermal protection. We provide products from a wide range of manufacturers, which allows you to choose the right version. In this category you will find industrial sensors distinguished by innovation and high quality of the materials used. We also encourage you to check other solutions in the field of industrial automation.