Industrial plugs and sockets

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Industrial plugs and sockets

Industrial plugs and sockets are included in the switching accessories used to supply electrical devices and machines. They are designed for both single-phase and three-phase voltages and are characterized by excellent strength parameters. They are most often produced tight or sealed.

Fixed and portable industrial plugs and sockets

Due to the nature of their use, a large group of industrial plugs and sockets can be classified as permanent and portable. Fixed plugs and sockets are most often an integral part of the equipment of electrical switchboards, desktops or industrial boards, as well as machines and devices. The portable ones, on the other hand, work as temporary connections - they are most often used in extension cords.

The construction of sockets and plugs depends primarily on their purpose and the voltage at which they operate. Single-phase plugs have three pins (and sockets three holes), while three-phase plugs have four or five. There are also used plugs and sockets with more pins, e.g. seven-pin.

Industrial sockets and fixed plugs - structure and properties

Fixed plugs and insulating sockets used in the industry are made of materials such as PVC, ABS or polyamide (often in a version resistant to UV radiation) that are excellent insulators, and also provide high impact resistance (IK), durability and IP tightness appropriate to the class being declared. They are used in devices working both indoors and outdoors, e.g. in generators, fans or construction machines. They are a part of the equipment of electrical switchboards (e.g. plugs and panel sockets), desktops and boards.

A good mechanical connection with a power cord or cable is possible thanks to the use of various technologies aimed at strengthening this vulnerable place. The most popular are cable fasteners at the right angle to a plug or socket, but power-twist connections are also quite common, allowing for high tightness.

In addition to the guarantee of a stable mechanical connection, the manufacturers' emphasis is also on the quality of the electrical connection - the pins of the plugs can be brass and covered with an additional layer of nickel, ensuring excellent electrical conductivity.

Portable industrial sockets and plugs

Portable industrial plugs and sockets are made of appropriate materials in a way that ensures a safe connection of wires and cables in demanding environmental conditions. Insulating plug portable or insulating socket are most often integrated with an extension cord and act as a temporary connection, they are also an element of high IP class power joints. Joints are used when the connection is permanently exposed to water (e.g. for underground cables). They have a system of gaskets ensuring airtight connection.

Industrial extension cords are equipped with a long and well-insulated cord and are terminated with a plug or socket equipped with a flap preventing water or small objects from entering the connection. They are placed on a drum and on a stable rack, which is used for transport, and also ensures easy winding and unwinding of the cable. Power sockets at the end of the extension cord are single, but also double or other multiple ones, acting as splitters.

The plugs and sockets themselves are manufactured as single or three-phase, constituting an integral part of the cable (extension cord) or intended for self-assembly. In the latter case, the plug or socket must be connected appropriately in the manner provided by the manufacturer. Most often, the diagram is attached to the product or portable plug (socket) inside has unambiguous and clear markings for the electrician.

Similarly to fixed plugs and sockets, also their portable counterparts used in industrial conditions must be of high quality, adequate strength, stability of connections and resistance to shocks, crushing and vibrations. Most frequently in industry, portable sockets and plugs are used that create tight connections that protect against the ingress of water and dust.