Impact grip screwdrivers

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Impact screwdrivers

Impact screwdrivers are screwdrivers that use an impact handle. This handle makes it possible to beat the screwdriver with a hammer and use it as a chisel, punch, chisel cutter, etc. This extends the range of applications of the tool, so that you can not only assemble or disassemble screws and bolts, but also, for example, undermine nails, knock out pins, etc.

Impact handle screwdriver design

Impact handle screwdrivers are made of steel with a thickened steel blade and an impact handle. With this type of screwdriver, the blade goes through the entire handle, at the end of which it is connected to a thickened steel piece that is used to beat with a hammer.

Types of impact screwdrivers

A distinction is made between impact screwdrivers with a flat blade or Phillips blade on the basis of the type of fastener drive.

Main technical features of impact screwdrivers

The technical parameters that characterize impact screwdrivers are: overall length, blade length, handle length, blade tip type and size, total weight.

Applications for impact screwdrivers

Impact drivers are used to install and remove threaded fasteners (screws and bolts) as well as for impact operations such as striking and tapping. They are manufactured by Bahco, Felo, Gedore, Hazet, Stanley, Wera, Wiha and many others.