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Insect killer bulb 20W

Insect killer bulb 20W

€3.89 +VAT
PLN 18.27
  • Power: 20
  • Palette: 0
  • The color of the light: 0
  • Angle: 0
  • Warranty [years]: 1
  • Handle: G13
  • Lumen output: 0
  • Category 3: Electronic Insect Killer
Response time: usually up to 3 days
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Hygiene and cleanliness

In every workplace, hygiene and cleanliness should be a priority. However, maintaining sterile working conditions is only possible with the use of specialized OHS cleaning agents. Their use in production, repair or processing plants is a must. Their deficiencies should be supplemented on an ongoing basis, and their application should take place on a regular basis. As a result, appropriately selected OHS cleaning products will ensure working conditions that do not pose the risk of danger from dust and dust deposits, splashes of harmful substances or bacteria.

In this category you will find health and safety cleaning products used in various industries. They can be used by medical staff, catering workers, but also people holding appropriate positions in halls and warehouses. The liquids and pastes we offer disinfect, but also ensure safe working conditions. They contain substances that will effectively deal with various types of dirt. Check which health and safety cleaning products will be useful to you!

Health and safety cleaning products - what to buy

Body protection means not only reinforced specialized clothing, shoes and gloves or tools to protect the head and face. It is also important to ensure that all these elements are sufficiently clean. It is equally important to follow the rules of hygienic work. Thanks to this, each risk is minimized to almost zero. Hygiene and cleanliness are extremely important in each position, and compliance with strict standards makes accidents at work marginal. That is why a good supply of cleaning products is so important.

In this category you will find all the necessary health and safety cleaning products that will help to take care of the health and life of the employee. In order for hygiene and cleanliness to be maintained in every workplace, factory or warehouse, it is definitely worth having them. You will find here, first of all, practical towels, but also cleaning, disinfecting and dry wipes, which will be useful as a container insert. With us, you can choose a different number, depending on your needs. Here you will also find all kinds of OHS cleaning liquids of various liters capacity, which can be adapted to the wall-mounted container. We also offer containers for cleaning agents - housings and practical dispensers will be hygienic accessories that everyone can use comfortably. Dispensers and dosing pumps are a great solution when you want to additionally protect employees from bacteria - antibacterial and disinfecting liquids will certainly prove useful in every work bathroom and close to individual workstations and entrances to the workplace.

In our online store you will receive not only OHS cleaning products adapted to personal protection, but also liquids for disinfecting sanitary surfaces, stone surfaces or for removing dirt. Thanks to this, the appropriate hygiene standard will be maintained throughout the workplace. You can also use sprays and emulsions, depending on your needs and preferences.

BHP paste - for heavy dirt

We also offer health and safety cleaning products for stronger dirt on the hands and hands. Difficult to remove greases and adhesives will help you remove properly selected OHS paste . With us you can choose a soap or abrasive version. Health and safety paste soap is made on the basis of soap. Effectively removes fats, oils, greases and soot. It will be useful in factories, workshops and even during renovation works. This type of health and safety hand paste quickly gets rid of all dirt. It does not contain solvents, so it is safe in contact with the skin.

In addition to the soap option, you will also find abrasive paste in this category. Abrasive hand paste is a substance with the addition of sand. As a result, it perfectly removes greases, paints, varnishes, soot, coal dust and bituminous products. This type of health and safety hand paste will be perfect for mining, mechanics and crafts. It copes with stubborn dirt, and the long storage time does not affect the quality of the product. It is an extremely economical alternative. Moreover, hand paste is gentle to them and does not worsen their condition. In this category you can choose the size of the container you order - both in terms of soap paste and abrasive paste.

The agents that you can find with us effectively remove dirt and disinfect surfaces. Some of them show foaming properties, making it easier to get rid of dust and other substances. You will find here not only various types of health and safety cleaning products , but also short and long-use clothing, as well as specialist means of protecting all parts of the body. Check out the other categories!