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Each restaurant should absolutely take care of cleanliness, both in the kitchen, in the back room or in the warehouse, as well as in the part intended for customers. In this category you will find cleaning products for gastronomy, which will successfully help clean the dirt created during the working day. Thanks to the Merxu shopping platform, you will find the most necessary equipment that will facilitate cleaning. A practical cleaning trolley that will allow you to conveniently move the bucket and accessories around the premises, reducing the need to carry heavy containers. It is also worth installing dedicated dispensers for bar soap or dishwashing liquid, which will allow you to quickly use the appropriate product. Professional cleaning products for gastronomy in economical packaging, it is worth having a spare. When completing the equipment and necessary accessories, it is worth remembering about such solutions as vacuum cleaners, professional mops or insecticidal lamps. See what the suppliers offer and choose dedicated products.

Cleaning products for gastronomy

In each restaurant there should be dedicated cleaning products. In this category you will find disinfectants for cleaning and degreasing. Ecological, biodegradable preparations, perfectly remove dirt from all surfaces without scratching them. They can also be used for washing with pressure washers. Appropriate cleaning products for gastronomy are an indispensable help in the fight against everyday dirt arising in the premises.

Garbage bags of various capacities that will allow you to control the segregation of waste and ensure comfortable work. A ultrasonic cleaner is also a good solution, which will work well for the maintenance of electronic or mechanical components. Thanks to it, you can clean even hard-to-reach places of individual components. It is also worth considering buying an insecticide lamp, which prevents unwanted guests from settling in places where food is prepared and stored. Some models can also be installed outside the building.

Hand dryers

Each toilet should be equipped with appropriate equipment. In addition to fittings and appropriate devices, it is worth placing hand dryers. Most of the available models can be found in white, which makes it easier to keep them clean and does not disturb the entire design of the room. Classic hand dryers enable comfortable drying of washed hands. Thanks to the automatic switch, when you put your hands on, the device will turn on by itself. On the other hand, pocket hand dryers allow you to dry both sides of your hands comfortably and comfortably. This type of equipment will work well in small, built-up toilets - it can be successfully placed even in a small space. All available models can be mounted on the wall in a convenient place for customers. Water is drained into a special tank located at the bottom of the housing, which prevents splashing around the user. It is worth paying attention to whether there is an antibacterial filter inside the device. Choose a device from one of the suppliers and provide your guests with the comfort of use. Professional cleaning products for gastronomy and the necessary equipment for toilets or back-up facilities for employees can be found at attractive prices.

Toilet accessories

When creating a gastronomic establishment, you should take care of your customers and provide them not only with good-quality food, but also professionally equipped toilets. In addition to dedicated devices, it is worth having at hand a supply of soap, toilet paper for companies and an air freshener. Many establishments also decide to place special boxes or baskets with toilet accessories dedicated to women and men.

Each entrepreneur is also obliged to provide his employees with the necessary products in social rooms. Thanks to the MerXu shopping platform, you can successfully order bar soap or toilet paper for companies in large quantities. You will save time on travel and visits to the warehouse. You will receive your order straight to your door - quickly, easily and conveniently.