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Heating equipment

The purpose of heating equipment in apartments, houses or buildings can be several - to heat the air, floors or even water for washing. In order to cover all these goals, we have prepared a Heating Equipment category for you, which will fully cover all projects related to heating inside or outside buildings. Here you will find solid fuel boilers, coal boilers, biomass boilers, heat pumps or a heating mat or wall convectors.

As with gas appliances, we also recommend looking for certified products that guarantee the quality of components, reliability and longevity of the product. At the same time, it is essential that these devices are installed only by a qualified specialist. Only then will you be sure that everything is installed correctly.

Boilers for coal and solid fuels or fireplaces

This is an increasingly popular way of heating not only family houses. In boilers you can heat with wood, coal, special briquettes or fuel oil. Of course, it is always necessary to read the label for each boiler to make sure that it uses the fuel method you prefer. Boilers for heating have come a long way in the last few years, so today you will find those that have large tanks for modern fuel (especially briquettes), offer high efficiency, low emissions, are also suitable for water heating and some also include automatic ash removal. Thanks to it, you will empty the ashes a maximum of a few times a month.

If you plan to heat only one or only a few rooms, some of the stove types may be the ideal choice for you. If you want to use them as a source of central heating, choose a hot water fireplace stove. For heating one room, for example, a fireplace stove or a smaller coal stove will suffice.

Floor heating

This is a hit in recent years, both indoors and outdoors. You will probably most often encounter underfloor heating in bathrooms, but houses or apartments are also commonly built, which have this type of heating built into all rooms. The heating is so evenly even (and in addition, your feet will not be cold on the floor in winter).

Underfloor heating is carried out using heating mats and heating cables and, as we have mentioned, they can also be used outdoors, for example to heat the driveway. However, before buying, read carefully whether the heating you have chosen is suitable for outdoor use.

Radiators and wall converters

Popular products in this category are also bathroom fixtures for heating the bathroom and drying towels (bathroom ladders) or converters, which are used to heat the room in which they are located. With both of these devices, you will be primarily interested in their performance, but design can also be important. Some heating equipment manufacturers specialize in aesthetically pleasing products that fit into, for example, luxury apartments or family homes.