Heating and plumbing

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€201.26 +VAT
CZK 4,977.69
  • Name: suitcase
  • Producer: Maral s.r.l.
  • Product weight: 5100 g
  • Váha: 5000 g
  • Use: stainless steel bellows
  • Medium: gas (gaseous fuels 1st, 2nd and 3rd class)
  • Manufacturer: Maral s.r.l.
PA s.r.o.
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Response time: usually up to 3 days
Wood heating heater HIVE Wood 17kW

Wood heating heater HIVE Wood 17kW

Price to negotiate
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  • Transport weight [kg]: 65
  • Height [cm]: 75
  • Safety distance B [cm]: 100
  • Safety distance A [cm]: 50
  • Weight [kg]: 65
  • Length of firewood max [cm]: 40
  • Stone capacityWeight [kg]: 130
  • Chimney [cm]: 11.5
Huum OÜ
verified supplier
Response time: usually up to 3 days
Water consumption 200W 230V
Special offer

Water consumption 200W 230V

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€177.50 +VAT
  • For metal: 65
  • Solvent - based paints and varnishes: 68
  • Temperature range: 90
  • Hair / brush height mm: 06
  • Mark: 09
  • Accuracy +/- mm: 0
  • Number of puller arms: 40
  • LED: 2
Hammerjack OÜ
verified supplier
Response time: usually up to 1 day
Ventilator for in-house bathrooms and kitchens Kanlux 70973

Ventilator for in-house bathrooms and kitchens Kanlux 70973

Starting at
€14.01 +VAT
CZK 346.45
  • Manufacturer: Kanlux
  • Manufacturer Code: 70973
  • EAN: 5905339709738
  • Volume flow [m³/h]: 100
  • Rated voltage [V]: 230
  • Mains frequency [Hz]: 50
  • Rotational speed [1/min]: 2550
  • Width [mm]: 101
LED21 s.r.o.
verified supplier
Response time: usually up to 2 days
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Heating and plumbing

It is difficult to imagine a building without efficiently operating water and sewage systems or effective heating. Every place - a production hall, warehouse or office building requires the use of adequate solutions. In this category you will find the appropriate plumbing accessories, sewage systems, elements necessary for heating, as well as bathroom equipment. Thanks to this, every entrepreneur can complete the necessary hydraulic parts that will help to comprehensively take care of the condition of the installation. The MerXu purchasing platform brings together many suppliers from Poland and abroad. Choose convenient, safe online shopping and invest in high-quality hydraulic parts and heating elements.

Water installations and plumbing accessories

Water installations are systems through which warm, cold or dirty water flows. They include plumbing articles, which are designed to allow the proper flow of water - deliver it inside and discharge it to the sewage system. Hydraulic accessories for water supply include hoses, water meters, drain valves and filling mechanisms, brass and chrome fittings, and spare parts. In this category you will also find various types of filters, as well as water distribution systems, which include copper, polyethylene PE or PEX installations, polypropylene (welded) and steel installations, as well as fastening and insulation systems. Entrepreneurs will find elements dedicated to internal sewage - hydraulic parts assembly, plugs, gaskets, pumps, drains, sewage pipes and siphons, and external ones - including pipes and drainage accessories. This category also includes plumbing items intended for water treatment installations - filters dedicated to gastronomy, water dispensers and fountains as well as replaceable cartridges. Online plumbing accessories you can order quickly and at attractive prices!

Gas installations

Tight gas installations are the basis for the safe supply of this raw material to the building. On the MerXu shopping platform hydraulic wholesaler offers the necessary gas supply accessories: gas cylinders, flexible gas connections, regulators, gas valves and gas fittings. Security systems for domestic and boiler room gas installations, for example carbon monoxide detectors, help to detect potential dangers depending on the type of failure. On the website you will also find condensation loops, which are used to protect the pressure gauge from the effects of medium or high temperatures. If your company is involved in the installation of installations, the components used to distribute gas (copper or steel) will also be an indispensable element of its supply.

Heating installations

Heating is another installation that is an essential element in any building. Thanks to the MerXu purchasing platform, entrepreneurs can provide their company with the components necessary to complete the order. In the subcategory you will find radiators (aluminum, steel) and accessories - handles and hangers for radiators, plugs and air vents. Individual components will significantly facilitate the assembly of individual elements of heating systems. Another important element of the heating system equipment is a chimney that guarantees efficient exhaust gas discharge. Air handling units, fans or high-quality grilles will ensure well-functioning heating. In order to create an appropriate installation, a heating source must not be missing - a boiler, a fireplace, a circulation pump, as well as the necessary accessories - controllers and thermostats.

Electric heating is a frequently chosen type of heating. Oil or convector heaters can be distinguished. Accessories for floor heating can also be ordered without leaving the office. On the other hand, gas and oil heating is chosen by many entrepreneurs operating in the field of gastronomy - radiators or heating lamps allow you to ensure the right temperature for both customers and prepared dishes.

Ventilation and air conditioning - plumbing items online with delivery

Adequate room ventilation is also an important aspect. In this category you will find elements in the field of refrigeration (condensing units and coolers) and ventilation systems. The latter are mainly ducts, grate pipes, condensate drains or fixing systems, which will allow you to effectively take care of the functionality and aesthetics of the system. Cassette, portable, floor and wall air conditioners will ensure the right temperature for everyone on hot days. Such devices will work well in offices. They are an obligatory element of the equipment of workplaces, halls or warehouses. It is worth choosing efficient models that will allow you to cool even large surfaces. At, the selection of products is really large, so everyone will find the desired elements. Efficiently operating ventilation equipped with dedicated fans ensures adequate air circulation, therefore defective components must be replaced. Necessary elements from reputable manufacturers are offered by hydraulic wholesaler, which sells its products via the B2B platform.

Bathroom equipment

At MerXu you can also comprehensively equip a bathroom. Bathroom accessories - taps, siphons and valves can be found at competitive prices. Shower cabins and paddling pools, bathtubs, washbasins, sinks and toilets, and even bathroom furniture from many renowned manufacturers can be conveniently ordered with delivery to the indicated address. Thanks to this, renovation works can be carried out efficiently, and the progress of the order will be constantly visible. Plumbing accessories online is a good solution for your business!