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Hangers, handles for radiators

Solid and functional hangers and brackets for radiators are high-quality mounting elements for radiators intended for use at home, in the company and in facilities public utility. They allow for quick and safe suspension of heating elements in any place. At the same time, they are characterized by an aesthetic appearance that fits perfectly with the architecture of a given interior. They enable the installation of central heating system components in bathrooms, kitchens, lounges or conference rooms.

Correct installation of heating elements , which is possible thanks to hangers for radiators , guarantees high stability and load-bearing capacity of radiators . Thanks to this, you can easily hang wet towels, underwear or damp clothes that you want to dry on it. At the same time, they ensure the correct installation parameters, thanks to maintaining the appropriate distance between the heater and the wall. Products of world renowned brands are covered by a long-term warranty. Moreover, they are characterized by a modern design.

How to choose the right hangers for radiators?

The handles and hangers for radiators we offer are solutions that allow the heating structure to be safely mounted on the wall. How to choose mounting elements for radiators to ensure a stable assembly?

  1. Type of wall - first of all, the product should be matched to the load-bearing capacity of the wall structure and its construction. We will use different screws or dowels for installation in solid concrete, and different ones in brick or hollow blocks,
  2. Heating structure - it will depend on its construction what and how many supports we will use. It is worth remembering that there are both hangers for radiators single-plate and multi-plate, as well as special strips,
  3. Intended use of the interior - we should bear in mind that installation in health care facilities or service premises is governed by certain regulations that must be followed.

The most common method of installation is to fix the radiator to the wall, however in many cases it is too heavy. For this reason, it is also possible to purchase special brackets for radiators , which are dedicated to floor mounting.

Why is it worth using radiator brackets?

The products in our assortment allow for the safe installation of central heating system elements. in any place. Why should you use them?

  1. Easy assembly - quick and hassle-free installation without the need for special tools,
  2. Safety - stable seating means that there is no risk of the heating device tearing off, even under heavy load,
  3. Proper positioning - hangers for radiators allow you to keep an appropriate distance between the wall or floor and the heating surface, which ensures efficient air flow,
  4. Attractive appearance - the products are designed in accordance with the latest trends, so they perfectly match the architecture of modern and minimalist interiors,

It is definitely worth using our solutions for the assembly of central heating system components. They are characterized by a solid workmanship and long service life. Moreover, they are resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion.

Choose reliable mounting hardware for radiators!

High-class mounting elements for radiators available in our assortment are reliable and durable products that can be used both in single-family houses as well as in utility or industrial facilities. They are used in residential, technical, bathroom and sanitary rooms. They enable quick installation of heating solutions, as well as their subsequent non-invasive disassembly. They provide excellent fixing on any surface.

Proper seating of the radiator is possible thanks to the use of our hangers for radiators . Professional products are easy to use and appreciated by experienced installers and plumbers from all over Poland. Made of high-quality metal, they are resistant to intensive use in difficult conditions. So if you are looking for reliable and cheap hangers for radiators , take advantage of our offer and choose practical and functional elements for mounting heating components.