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Safety goggles with rubber
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Safety goggles with rubber

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Head protection

One of the most dangerous injuries is head injuries. The brain and skull are parts of the body that are extremely sensitive to any impact. Even a small contusion can have serious health consequences, so it should never be underestimated. Therefore, it is better to prevent all types of injuries and when preparing personal protective equipment, it is worth providing employees with appropriate head protection. In this category, you will find not only caps and balaclavas, but also helmets and helmets. This type of head protection will effectively prevent many common injuries.

In many industries, the head is at risk of injury. They can be caused by falling objects, hitting a protruding object or by compressive forces. However, most dangers can be minimized - in this case head protection will help you. Practical hats and balaclavas will certainly be useful in cold rooms and warehouses. They guarantee not only wearing comfort, but also provide thermal protection. Some of our proposals are enriched with silver ions - these, in turn, protect against bacteria. You can find suggestions in many sizes to suit your needs!

A helmet and a work helmet - when will each be useful

Head protection is extremely important - not only when working in cold conditions, but also when working in hazardous conditions. A working helmet or a helmet will protect the head against mechanical damage, but also when working at heights. An important feature of this type of head protection is the way it is constructed and the material from which it is made. Safety helmet is the main, if not the only, protection of the employee's head against electric shock, splashes of molten metal, side crushing of the head, and even a potential explosion. Depending on the working conditions, the employer is required to choose the appropriate helmet. Therefore, with us you will find helmets and helmets that can be adapted to the working conditions of the employee. If the work involves a lot of effort, put on helmets with vents, and if the worker has to bend down while performing a task, put on a helmet with a chin strap.

Safety helmet are both proposals based on durable, hard materials - they are usually heavy and make the work a bit difficult. In this category, however, you will find not only options of this type, but also industrial helmets and light helmets, which are equipped with an ABS insert that will protect the head. In most cases, however, you will have to choose a classic work helmet - it can have electrically insulating or electrostatic properties, as well as various markings confirming its purpose. Head protection with the MM marking is best suited for work involving the harmful effects of metal spatter, while the LD marking is intended for helmets with increased resistance, which will protect the head from crushing.

Construction helmet

The 3M protective helmet is a proposal that is suitable for heavy and light industry - it is also necessary protection in forestry, mining, road works, but also in the petrotechnical industry. However, the main application of helmets and helmets is in construction - it is in this industry that unforeseen accidents most often occur. The 3M protective helmet can be adapted to your individual needs, so it will be perfect for each of the above-mentioned places!

You also need to remember to choose the construction helmet correctly. It must not only fit the head, but also the temperature range in the workplace and industry. You can find a selection of many reputable companies that manufacture their helmets and helmets only from reliable and strong materials, resistant to impacts, chemicals and temperature effects. The construction helmet also has a limited lifetime, which is a maximum of 3 years - after this period, it is good to replace the employees' equipment with new ones. Also take into account sun exposure and chemicals - all of which will shorten the life span.