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Woven nylon work glove 7
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Woven nylon work glove 7

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  • For metal: 65
  • LED: *****2
  • Solvent - based paints and varnishes: 68
  • Temperature range: 90
  • Hair / brush height mm: 06
  • Mark: 09
  • Accuracy +/- mm: 0
  • Number of puller arms: 40
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Hand protection

There is a risk of personal injury during work in many sectors of the economy. Inadequate clothing can result in burns, and unhardened toecaps in shoes can lead to many injuries and painful blows. Proper hand protection is equally important. Well-chosen protective gloves will surely protect the employee against many dangerous situations, as a result of which he could permanently damage his body. According to Directive 89/686 / EEC, the use of appropriate protective measures by workers is a legal health and safety requirement. Safety gloves that you will find in this category meet stringent standards, so they can be used in various industries - just pay attention to their specification.

Work gloves - categories

In our store you will find work gloves divided into three categories. Hand protection Category I are gloves used with a low risk of danger. They protect against superficial damage to the epidermis and against the effects of delicate cleaning agents. They are also resistant to high (up to 50oC) temperatures. They can be used in light farm work, but you can also use them at home and in the garden. They significantly increase the comfort of work and provide effective hand protection.

Work gloves Category II are gloves that will be perfect for the medium risk of injury. The appropriate materials from which they are made ensure a high level of durability. They may be used by workers who have contact with chemicals or are exposed to more severe mechanical damage. Therefore, they are mainly used in various industries. They also protect against frostbite and too high temperature, up to 100oC.

Working gloves Category III are advanced products characterized by high resistance to all types of chemical, biological and mechanical damage. They are recommended wherever there is a high risk of serious damage to hands or hands. In this category you will find safety gloves that can be used when working with aggressive chemicals, electrics or various temperatures - it is important in this case to choose them taking into account their properties. You will find various types of protective gloves, which are classified according to the risks they can protect against. They meet all stringent standards, so you can be sure of high-quality workmanship. Choose well-made work gloves in various sizes and at attractive prices!

Protective gloves - why should you provide them?

Protective gloves are a practical help in many industries. To a large extent, taking into account the safety of the employee, the employer supplements the warehouse with appropriate sizes. No other market proposition can provide as effective protection against cuts, abrasions, extreme temperatures and skin irritation as safety gloves. They are also necessary when the employee comes into contact with toxic or caustic substances - the changes that they could make directly on the skin are irreversible, so adequate protection is an absolute must.

Protective gloves - what products can you find in this category

To provide you with comprehensive assistance, we offer various types of gloves. Safety gloves can be made of leather - this type is best suited for reloading, transport and cleaning works. Some of our proposals are reinforced gloves - thanks to additives such as a non-woven insert or made of polyurethane foam, they are much more durable. You can also choose gloves that protect the seam against abrasion - here you will find many interesting proposals!

In this category you will also find knitted or coated gloves with rubber or other plastics. They are usually intended for the manual handling of heavy items or for the handling of wet and greasy items. You can also use them for assembly and renovation works, and even use them in construction. In turn, rubber gloves are intended for contact with chemical and biological agents - our proposals are made of resistant materials such as latex, neoprene, vinyl, nitrile or PVA. You will find them in different grades (from 1 to 6), which are governed by the term of protection they provide. On the other hand, insulated gloves will be perfect as winter work gloves . They are most often used for work in cold stores. Particular resistance to extreme frost makes winter work gloves an ideal solution for working around refrigerators and refrigerators. You will certainly find gloves suitable for the type of work your employees do - choose some solutions that we offer!