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Gas detectors

Methane, apart from carbon monoxide, is one of the most harmful gases. At least 90% is a component of mine gas and natural gas. Too high concentration of natural gas in the air is harmful to the health and life of all people who inhale polluted air, therefore it is extremely important in every mine or factory to constantly measure its level. For this purpose, the building should be equipped with special gas detectors , which effectively help to avoid the dangerous consequences of poisoning. In this category you will find gas detector , natural gas detector as well as gas detector which will ensure a high level of safety for all workers in the industrial and economic sector.

Installing a gas detector in a building helps to secure all rooms and guarantees the protection of health and life of the people in them. If the device detects too high a concentration of gases in the air, it will activate an alarm that will lead to the necessary evacuation and will allow professionals to deal with the problem. Minimize the risk to zero - bet on functional gas detectors !

Gas detector - bet on the highest quality

Gas detectors available in our store are characterized by the highest technical quality. Precisely made, reliable and durable sensors allow for a quick response in the event of a threat and minimize the risk of an explosion. One type of detector is proportional counter. The anode is a thin wire with a strong electric field around it. As electrons approach the wire, they gain energy that enables the ionization of subsequent atoms, which in turn strengthens the signal. The recorded pulse is proportional to the size of the charge, therefore this type of detector is defined with the proportional numerator.

In our store you will find many models of natural gas sensors that will inform you quickly and clearly about the threat. Before you decide on a specific model, however, determine what type of detector you need. In this category you can find both portable and stationary models. It is also worth answering the question whether there is one or several types of gas in the room, and what is the temperature and humidity in the room. The answers to these questions will help you determine which model will provide the highest level of security.

Good quality gas sensors will prevent the danger

Portable gas detector will be perfect for factories, warehouses and industrial halls - wherever there is a possibility of natural gas escaping due to leakage. They can be caused by hydrogen sulphide, a component of natural gas, which is corrosive to gas pipes. Gas detector will allow you to react quickly and effectively prevent the threat. Each device is durable and practical.

When building a house, you cannot forget about the carbon monoxide detector, commonly known as carbon monoxide. It is flammable, toxic and odorless. Therefore, it is extremely dangerous. It is produced by incomplete combustion and even short-term inhalation can cause brain damage and even death. Protect yourself and put on carbon monoxide detectors for apartments!

Gas detector - worth having

Safety is particularly important when working with methane. It is most often used in the energy industry as a fuel for engines - it is colorless and odorless. It also happens that it is used when working in mines. In all places prone to leaks and leaks, it is worth using the highest quality gas detectors . A mixture of methane and air at a certain concentration is explosive and flames. Effective gas detection can prevent disasters in many workplaces. As an employer, you should comprehensively take care of your employees and equip your workplace with a natural gas detector . The devices available in our store have a simple and intuitive panel, and the operation itself is not complicated.

Safety in any workplace is extremely important. It is worth putting on high-quality gas detectors that will protect people from harm or death. If you are an employer - invest in a high quality natural gas sensor. It is also worth installing a special gas detector at home. This way you can be sure that the installation is efficient and the whole family is safe.