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Garden architecture, flower pots and boxes

In this category, you will find everything you need to equip your garden with various shelters, gazebos, bridges, pergolas or, for example, flower pots and boxes. You will find at least one of these products in the vast majority of gardens, and given the breadth of the offer here, we have no doubt that you will choose exactly the product you will need.

Garden architecture

Some elements of garden architecture are intended primarily for practical use (gazebos, pergolas, footbridges), others you can buy mainly to beautify the garden (decorative wooden mailboxes or decorative wells). However, the same is true for all products in this category: First, take a good look at the place in the garden where you want to place them to make sure they fit.

One of the most popular products in the garden architecture section are wooden gazebos. These are ideal for moments of sitting with family or friends, which is why they are ordered by a number of homeowners. Of course, the gazebo can be built on any plot of land, depending on the wishes of the project sponsor.

When we mentioned sitting, another popular element of garden architecture are pergolas. These are shelters most often used either to protect a parked car or outdoor seating.

In addition to gazebos and pergolas, you can also come across ornamental wells, which landowners buy not only when they actually have a well on the land, but often only because they simply like their architecture. Ornamental wells will sit mainly on land where other decorative elements, or at least similar-looking architectural elements, are or will be. These can be, for example, wooden roofs above the front door. These reliably protect both the door and the occupants of the house, for example when looking for keys when it is raining hard.

We can also mention greenhouses, which are suitable for many gardens. If the project sponsor likes to grow fruit or vegetables, a greenhouse is an ideal choice. When choosing a greenhouse, it is necessary to keep in mind the required dimensions so that everything that is needed can fit into the greenhouse.

Garden pots and boxes

If you are arranging a garden for enthusiastic plant growers, you cannot do without flower pots or garden boxes. They are made of a wide range of materials such as plastic, terracotta, zinc, artificial rattan or ceramics. However, you can also come across flower pots and boxes made of cement or metal.

You have a wide selection in the field of garden pots and boxes, even in terms of color or shape. You will come across round, square, square, oval or even conical. Some of them are even frost-resistant, UV-resistant or self-watering.

When choosing florists and boxes, we definitely recommend taking into account the other elements of the garden, so that everything goes well together.