Furniture fittings

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Furniture fittings

Lighting is one of the most interesting accents that highlights the unique character of the interior. Furniture fittings, most often installed in wardrobes and cabinets, are more and more popular solutions. Importantly, they not only play the role of an elegant and romantic accessory, but also have many typically practical applications.

How to choose furniture fittings?

Furniture lamps fall into many different categories. The most popular of these is currently under-cabinet lighting, widely used near kitchen countertops. In the past, they were fluorescent lamps or halogen lamps, today manufacturers and consumers focus on modern and energy-saving LED solutions. Very often they are also integrated furniture lamps, i.e. they do not require the use of a replaceable bulb. As a result, they can be even more compact and easier to install. Other furniture fittings are turning towards LED structures. More and more often they can be found as lighting inside the wardrobe. During the day it is usually not noticeable, but it works very well in the evening and night conditions. Such solutions also require the use of additional electronics in the form of door opening sensors, but fortunately these are not too expensive additions at the moment.

Selection of furniture fittings and their appearance

When choosing furniture fittings, you need to focus not only on the application, but also the appearance. The lamp housing should significantly correspond to the furniture or other lighting points used in a given room. It is worth remembering not to mix silver with gold or copper-colored frames - together it gives an uninteresting effect. But combining black and white colors with gray is a fully acceptable combination. However, it is best if all furniture lamps are the same as the rest of the accessories. If the handles, curtain rails, handles and other similar elements in the room are silver in color, it is worth making the furniture lamps identical.

What to look for when choosing furniture lamps?

When deciding on furniture fittings, you can choose from several types of designs. Most of them are currently based on LEDs - thanks to this, in some cases, furniture lamps can be battery operated. This is very convenient in the context of installation, as the backlight can then be placed anywhere without wiring. These lamps are used in cabinets and work in conjunction with an integrated motion sensor. However, most often when buying furniture lamps you have to take into account that you will need a 230 V installation or at least the presence of a nearby socket. Connecting the light sources directly to the network means that you do not have to worry about periodic battery replacement.

It is also worth paying attention to the way the light is switched on. This can be done using a switch mounted in the housing, both classic and tactile. In some constructions, however, the switch is not provided for, so in this case you need to think about a wider integration of the light points with the electrical installation. Everything can be connected to an ordinary rocker switch, but you can also use additional electronics - from a motion detector, to a timer or a reed switch.

Unusual furniture fittings

Accent lighting is one of the unusual solutions. Their light serves only decorative purposes, thanks to which not only the piece of furniture, but also the entire interior becomes chic and elegant. An interesting example is the special LED clips, used as an addition to glass shelves. They have little power, but even in this way they can effectively illuminate the edge of the glass pane, creating an atmospheric effect.

The use of furniture fittings is a very good idea, mainly in modern interiors. Such an accessory will make it easier for the household members to see the contents of a drawer or wardrobe when daylight is not available. Under-cupboard lighting has become particularly popular and is recommended as a standard equipment for most kitchens, and sometimes also bathrooms.