Fuel supply

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Fuel supply

The main task of the fuel system is to store, filter and also deliver fuel to the engine cylinders. Its stability and efficiency depend on it, which is why the fuel system parts offered by reputable manufacturers, which you can find on our website, are made in a precise manner and guarantee full reliability.

The role of the fuel system

Fuel system may differ depending on the car model. This is mainly due to differences in the fuel injection method. However, each vehicle has individual parts of the fuel system which include a fuel storage tank, a filter to clean it, a pump to deliver it to the engine, supply and return lines, and any sensors that, for example, monitor fuel level and other parameters.

Properly implemented fuel supply is crucial for the proper functioning of the drive unit. The efficiency of the process of generating energy during combustion depends on the tightness of components, their quality and degree of operation. The tuning of all its elements requires a lot of work and the calibration of individual elements with each other. In older types of cars, this process was fully mechanical, using a carburetor. Parts of the fuel system were adjusted manually. Modern vehicles use electronic systems, the work of which is handled by sensors and a controller.

What determines the reliability of the power supply system?

In this category, you will find fuel injectors for vehicles with a gasoline engine, such as single-point, multi-point, direct or combined fuel injection, and for vehicles with a diesel engine - these are most often unit injectors, high pressure fuel pumps and Common Rail.

In order for the fuel-air mixture to ignite, its components must be supplied in the right amount. If there is a problem in your car, the symptom of which is uneven engine running, the air supply system or the fuel dose controller may have failed. Too high a dose of the medium may result in the operation of a lean or rich mixture, which results in a reduction of the generated power and an increased level of combustion. Long-term driving without remedying the fault may damage the engine. Therefore, it is worth finding at auctions on our portal such parts of the fuel system, such as a flow meter or lambda probe.

The most common causes of problems with the power system

Efficient fuel system ensures trouble-free operation of the unit. However, during the operation of the vehicle, it may be damaged. This phenomenon is influenced by many factors, including: poor fuel quality, long-term driving with low fuel level, covering short distances without warming up the unit, unsealing of fuel lines. As a consequence of the above-mentioned failures, the injectors that are sensitive to such situations may be damaged. Regular inspection of individual components, high-quality parts of the fuel system and the systematic and thorough performance of the work planned in the factory manual guarantee the correct functioning of the entire component.

Can I repair the injectors myself?

If the vehicle has worn out fuel injection components, the driver may regenerate the components. In the case of diesel engines, nozzles are often damaged, which can be found at the auctions of our portal. Especially in the case of older models, you can try to replace them yourself, if you have skills in the field of vehicle mechanics. If the breakdown does not include these elements, and professionals recommend a complete replacement of the component, it is better not to do it yourself. At this point, we recommend using the fuel system parts offer, which you will find on our website. Our offer has been adapted not only to newer car models, but also to older ones, so at individual auctions you will find proposals that will be useful to both automotive enthusiasts and mechanics.

Only proven solutions

To ensure comfort during the operation of the vehicle, use parts from reputable manufacturers. They have an impact on the correct method of combustion of the fuel-air mixture, which contributes to the achievement of the appropriate operating parameters of the unit. On our website you will find high-class accessories made of good quality materials. Also check out the other categories and see what the producers offer.