Floor mats and mat accessories

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Floor mats and mat accessories

A clean workplace is extremely important. Wet surfaces or unsecured elements can cause many accidents, so it is worth taking care of the comfort of employees and providing them with a safe workplace. It is the duty of every employer to take care of the impeccable condition of all devices and their cleanliness, so that everyone can safely perform their duties without risking loss of life or health. In this category you will find products such as floor mats and mat accessories to help you take care of your workplace. This one element helps to minimize the risk of serious injuries.

Floor mats available in our store are made of the highest quality materials. They are safe both for the environment and for people. They can be placed wherever the floor is exposed to moisture to provide workers with additional protection against slipping. They are perfect for production plants, in all warehouses and halls, as well as in industrial plants, shopping centers and swimming pools.

OHS floor mats and their types

In our store you will find many models and types of professional products. Floor mats for the interior should have a perforated structure that allows drainage. Many of them have antibacterial substances. They are made entirely of non-slip rubber. Thanks to these properties, OHS floor mats are perfect for gastronomy and the food industry. Hygienic mats with silver-based substances significantly reduce the growth of bacteria, which multiply rapidly in warm and humid rooms. For this reason, especially in contact with food, it is worth stocking up on them. This type of mat also has anti-fatigue properties. A special type of foam relieves the spine and joints, which is extremely important in standing work. As a result, employees are more efficient, and the comfort of their actions is much greater. The soft surface also cushions any objects that may fall and cause damage.

Floor mats for indoor and outdoor use are perfect for manufacturing plants. Products dedicated to standing work also have a positive effect on the body, reducing fatigue. In workshops or in warehouses, we often deal with water, so it is worth using OHS floor mats non-slip, which allow employees to move freely around the facility and around it, without fear of injury. The universal mats available in our store are made of the highest quality plastics, without the addition of harmful substances. They are neutral and do not react with other substances, which increases safety standards. Thanks to their durable construction, you can also place them outside, because they are resistant to all weather conditions. You can successfully use the OHS mats available in our store on surfaces that are underfloor heating.

Information mats

In this category you can also find special, non-slip warning floor mats . They are placed on any surface that has been freshly washed or polished. A visible warning makes sure everyone will notice it. The bottom of the mat is made of a special, non-slip material. Additionally, the products available in our offer have a long warranty period. We guarantee a wide range of sizes and sizes, so you can choose a mat that will fully meet your expectations.

You will also find special edges for OHS mats which allow easy connection of individual modules. Bright colors help to be careful and reduce the risk of tripping. There are two types of edges - female and male. They differ from each other by additional tabs on the sides. Accessories for floor mats are also available in our store. If your everyday work is related to electronics, you will certainly need floor mats and mat accessories , which protect the wiring, thus preventing employees from stumbling. It is also worth putting on practical anti-slip mats for rooms such as saunas and swimming pools, where the risk of damage to health is high.

In our store you will find many interesting products that meet the highest safety standards. Accessories for floor mats and floor mats will provide protection for every worker or user. High-quality workmanship and attractive price mean that you can afford to fully equip the rooms. Take care of the standards with us and place your order now!