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First aid kits

Properly provided first aid can save lives in many cases. That is why it is worth having the necessary accessories at hand in every situation and in every place - when traveling, at work or at home, which will effectively help you provide the necessary help. In this category you will find first aid kits . All of them are properly marked and ready to be placed in a dedicated place. Attractive prices mean that you can bet on the highest quality materials. The most important thing, however, is to have quick access to first aid supplies - they should be found in every break room, in the car, and even in a backpack during a longer trip, especially in the mountains. Choose the model that suits your needs and place your order now!

First aid kit - where it should be

In principle, the first aid kit should be present wherever a person may be injured. It is worth having it at home, in the car and at work, especially where the risk of injuries is high. In addition, a well-equipped first aid kit guarantees quick and effective minimization of the consequences of injuries, especially those in which the victim loses a lot of blood. A well-equipped first aid kit is the key to quickly providing needed help. In this category you will find first aid kits that meet the relevant requirements and have all the necessary quality certificates.

In the workplace, it is the employer's responsibility to provide access to a first aid kit . It is regulated by the labor code and ministerial ordinances. Moreover, first aid points should be marked accordingly. Thanks to this, everyone in need will quickly find a first aid kit. During the OHS training, the employer should show where the help desk is located, so that each employee has free access to it.

First aid kit equipment

Equipment of the first aid kit should be adapted to the place in which it is located. The packaging should be resistant to external factors, both mechanical and chemical. Its operation - opening, closing and organizing - must be easy to perform. First aid kit in the car and in workplaces with an increased risk of injury should contain a triangular scarf, sterile compresses, sterile dressings, emergency blanket (thermal foil), plaster packaging, a roll of plaster and elastic bands of various widths . There should also be small scissors with rounded ends in the middle, as well as a few pairs of gloves. It is worth putting a special mask inside for artificial respiration.

First aid kit equipment in workplaces should be supplemented with cold (hydrogel) compresses, as well as saline, sterile dressings of various sizes and dressing wraps. Currently, it is avoided to put drugs inside the first aid kit . You never know if the injured person is allergic to any of the ingredients, so this issue should be left to a qualified rescue team to resolve. In our store you will find high-quality first aid kit accessories that can be adjusted to the size of the first aid kit or entire sets, including the appropriate container and compartments for individual accessories. This way you will keep order inside the box and provide first aid quickly.

First aid kit in the car and at home

In this category you will also find first aid kits that you can put in a convenient place. The current regulations do not require you to have a first aid kit in the vehicle, but it is a good idea to stock up on it and be ready in case of an unforeseen event. In our store you will find handy products that you can place in a convenient place for you, which you always have quick access to.

On the other hand, in the home first aid kit, apart from basic first aid measures, it is also worth putting drugs that can be given to the injured person in the event of disturbing symptoms. This mainly applies to allergy sufferers, asthmatics and epileptics who will find drugs in a specific place. It is also worth putting inside painkillers and antipyretics, anti-diarrheal drugs, calcium, electrolytes, as well as a skin and wound disinfectant. A first aid kit equipped in such a way will certainly be useful more than once!

A first aid kit at every workplace, at home or in the car, is a practical piece of equipment. With its help, you can immediately react in the event of any accidents. You will find fully equipped first aid kits in our store. Check out the other categories as well and see how you can improve safety at home and in the workplace.