Fire extinguishers

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Fire extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is a device used to extinguish fires. Smaller models should be part of the equipment of every vehicle. In turn, larger ones are installed in public rooms or facilities. According to the applicable provisions of Polish law, fire extinguishers must be painted red, and each one must have a special label. There are powder, snow and foam fire extinguishers . In this category you will find fire extinguishers that present a good quality and ensure a high standard of safety. Each fire extinguisher is designed to extinguish a different type of fire. It is defined by the letters visible on the label - they are distinguished from A to F inclusive.

Powder fire extinguisher

Dry powder extinguisher contains an extinguishing agent in the form of phosphate powders or based on carbon powders. Powder extinguisher is very effective in fighting fire. It allows you to extinguish fires that result from the ignition of electrical devices. However, its use may cause significant loss of property, mainly due to dirt resulting from chemical reactions. However, it should be remembered that the key issue is to ensure the safety of all those at risk. When using a powder extinguisher, keep a sufficient distance from the flames. As a result, the risk of burns is minimized. Each powder extinguisher from our store is a high-quality product that can be installed in offices, warehouses or public institutions.

Snow fire extinguisher

A snow extinguisher is suitable for extinguishing two types of fires. The first type are fires resulting from the ignition of flammable liquids and from the ignition of substances that melt at high temperatures, such as acetone, kerosene, varnishes or fats. The second type of fires are those involving combustible gases - methane, acetylene or hydrogen. The extinguishing agent is liquefied carbon dioxide, which when expanded, cools to -78 degrees Celsius and turns into so-called dry ice. When extinguishing a fire, the oxygen level is cut off and the temperature drops. Snow extinguishers are divided into two weight categories - 2 kg and 5 kg. They usually have legalization for 10 years, but it can be extended. Using a snow extinguisher does not damage property. However, the concentration of CO2 in the extinguished air increases significantly, which is harmful to humans, therefore, when using them, special care should be taken. The snow extinguisher should be mounted to a stand or cabinet. To start the object, break the safety lock, remove the cotter pin and press the lever. The stream directed at the fire can be properly adjusted.

Foam extinguisher

Foam is the extinguishing agent in foam extinguishers. It is ejected with compressed nitrogen or carbon dioxide. It can be used to extinguish fires of organic solids, as well as fires of liquids and melting materials. The foam does not destroy the extinguished elements, but it cannot be used in the event of ignition of energized devices. The exception is a modern mechanical foam extinguisher. It should be remembered that the distance of at least one meter from the burning installation should be kept. The function of the foam extinguisher is to isolate the access of oxygen, while the water it contains extinguishes the flames. Fire extinguishers of this type are not suitable for extinguishing objects chemically reacting with water, which should be remembered when choosing the appropriate extinguisher.

Car fire extinguisher

A mandatory element of every car's equipment is a fire extinguisher weighing at least one kilogram with the appropriate approval. Its validity should be regularly extended, and there is a fine for failure to do so. In our store you will find the perfect models that you can successfully place in your car. Thanks to this, in the event of an emergency, you can quickly take it out and use it.

Put on a powder extinguisher - the optimal one will be a model weighing 2 kg. This car fire extinguisher is designed to extinguish fires of liquids, solids and flammable gases. Also make sure that it is properly attached so that it does not detach during an accident and the force of the impact does not harm someone.

Thanks to the fire extinguisher in the workplace, at home and in the car, you can react quickly and minimize losses that can be caused by sudden ignition of devices and objects. In our store you will find various types of fire extinguishers with specific weights. Adjust its type to your needs and feel safe. You can find the highest quality products at attractive prices. Place your order now!