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Eyelet fittings

More and more often, we choose spot lighting instead of hanging lamps. Eyelet fittings are an extremely functional, but also visually interesting solution. It is a modern way of lighting interiors in style. How to choose eyelet fittings?

Where are eyelet fittings used?

Until a few years ago, this type of luminaire was mainly used in offices and commercial spaces. Currently, these models are commonly used in apartments and private homes, because the range of designs and variants is huge, and the effects are very satisfying. There are luminaires with modern shapes: simple, geometric or in the form of flat quadrilaterals. There are also light sources finished with opal glass, chrome, crystal and nickel - suitable for various types of arrangements. There are ceiling eyelets to choose from to create a unique atmosphere in any interior. They are perfect for the living room and bedroom. Crystal and glass eyelets fit both modern and classic interiors. Simple or richly decorated, elegant, they will create a unique atmosphere. High-quality eyelet fittings make it possible to create LED systems. This allows you to create any combination and solutions. The undoubted advantage of the eyelets is their small size, so they can be mounted virtually anywhere. The light directed at points downwards makes the interior appear more spacious and friendly. The lighting is not only pleasant, it is also discreet and also does not tire the eyes.

How to choose eyelet fittings?

Depending on the place where you plan to install eyelet fittings, you should decide whether it should be permanent or variable lighting. Permanent lighting is perfect for rooms with a small volume, which we want to illuminate in a subtle way. The light then always falls in one direction. Such fixtures can be installed not only in ceilings, but also on the steps of stairs and even kitchen cabinets. If we want to be able to adjust the direction of the light, movable eyes will be the best. This type of eyelets will be perfect in the bathroom next to the mirror. Another aspect of the choice is aesthetics. Individual models differ in the material from which they are made, dimensions, shape and design. Some models are two-color, others in a uniform color tone. The choice depends on the client's preferences. However, it is worth remembering that the eyelet fitting should match the arrangement of a given room. Our offer includes single and multi-eyelet fittings. You can choose between LED and halogen fittings. Different effects can be achieved depending on the selection.

What should you pay attention to when choosing eyelet fittings?

It is worth noting that the different models of luminaires have different designs and sizes. Not all of them are suitable for every type of bulb. Therefore, before buying, read the technical specification of a given luminaire. Selected models may have different threads for the bulbs. The light emitted by the eyelet is strong but not offensive. Therefore, it will be perfect wherever we need strong lighting for a specific place. Installed in the kitchen or bathroom, they will allow for precise execution of activities. However, it is worth paying attention to the tightness of the luminaire. In rooms with increased humidity, a luminaire with reduced voltage and IP 44 or IP 65 tightness is recommended. In the living room, IP 20 is sufficient. When deciding on an eyelet, you should also consider what color temperature you want to achieve. Warm colors will be perfect in the living room or bedroom, as they serve to relax. Cool colors, in turn, favor concentration. They will be more appropriate in the kitchen or office where we work. Eyelet fittings make it possible to create optimal lighting in any interior. They can be used as the main light sources or as a supplement - but in the latter case the light output has to be different.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide offer, which includes models and patterns that allow you to create lighting tailored to the needs of each client. Both lovers of modern and classic style will find suitable eyelet fittings.