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Safety goggles with rubber
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Safety goggles with rubber

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Eye and face protection

All sensitive parts of the body and senses during hazardous work should be properly secured. Body protection measures are not only basic clothing, but also accessories that effectively protect your hands, head and face against the risks posed by working in a specialized position. Well-chosen eye and face protection will allow you to minimize or eliminate the influence of chemical agents and dusts that are irritating to individual body functions. Solvents, industrial aerosols and dusts generated during the processing of various materials pose a risk of serious eye damage, so it is worth investing in masks and working glasses in advance. This type of eye and face protection that you will find in this category was created for professional and non-professional use, therefore it can be ordered by both business and private persons.

The threats are not only dusts and gases or splashes of chemically highly concentrated liquids. Molten metals produced during various metallurgical processes or splinters of solids can also cause a lot of damage. If you work in industries that endanger the eyes in this way, you will need a welding mask . Eye protection will also be useful when there is a risk of an electric arc that arises during various works carried out under voltage, as well as protection against harmful optical radiation, which, among other things, accompanies various welding processes.

Welding mask, goggles and glasses - what you will find in this category

In this category of personal protective equipment you will find professional tools that allow you or your employee to protect their eyes and face against the harmful effects of negative external factors. In our online store you will find safety glasses, safety goggles , face shields and welding shields, and you will find practical accessories adapted to each model.

The most popular are safety glasses . They are equipped with front guards to protect against hazardous substances and spatter, and side guards that increase work safety. You will find Safety glasses in various sizes. They are made of durable materials that guarantee reliability and durability. Eye and face protection also includes welding mask and other welding shields. This type of work involves a high risk, therefore this equipment is indispensable in any welding work. Masks and shields provide protection against optical radiation, but also protect against splashes and filings. So that everyone can adjust the equipment to their needs and comfort, this category includes welding helmets, welding shields as well as goggles, glasses and hoods.

Protective goggles - when they come in handy

In order for eye and face protection to fit tightly to the face and to be effective and comfortable working with it, it is necessary to equip yourself or your employees with protective goggles . Tight safety goggles fit tightly to the face and are used in any work that involves the risk of bottom-up spattering from wood, metal, concrete, plastics and chemicals. The safety goggles that you can find with us will give you or your employees an unlimited vertical and horizontal field of vision. Equipped with a ventilation system and a wide fastening tape, they will be a convenient protection tool. They will automatically adjust to the face and won't put pressure on the skin around the eyes, which is a big problem in many professions. This type of working glasses has all the necessary safety approvals.

What to look for when choosing eye and face protection

All eye and face protection measures are connected by an element, which is a protective glass, also known as anti-spattering glass. It may have filtration properties. Its shape varies depending on the type of eye and face protection. When choosing, its thickness is also very important - it ranges from 0.25 mm to 3 mm. The lenses are made of polycarbonate (PC), polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or cellulose acetate (CA). They are all water resistant. PMMA and PC are acid-resistant substances, while CA is most often chosen for protection against benzene and ether.

In this category you will also find accessories that will be useful during the maintenance of glasses and goggles and keep them clean. You will also find hydrophobic substances and agents based on fats and polymer suspensions to prevent the fogging effect of the rapid. Products of this type will affect not only the comfort, but also the functionality of the glasses. Check out the other categories as well - safety glasses, safety goggles and welding masks are not everything you can find here!