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Battery Press ACC Power-Edition230v
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Battery Press ACC Power-Edition230v

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€1,480.00 +VAT
  • For metal: 65
  • LED: *****2
  • Solvent - based paints and varnishes: 68
  • Temperature range: 90
  • Hair / brush height mm: 06
  • Mark: 09
  • Accuracy +/- mm: 0
  • Number of puller arms: 40
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Machine tooling

Machining is a process that requires extreme precision, so machine tooling must be made of the highest quality materials. The machining process involves stripping, or shearing, small parts of the material being machined. In this category, you will find machine tooling for planers, angle grinders, but also for rotary hammers and drills. Check out the wide offer on the portal and choose the solutions tailored to your needs.

Machine accessories are a broad category of products offered by renowned manufacturers in our portal. They are used as essential components in automation and industrial robot accessories, but also help during repairs and regeneration. In the available offer, you will find, among others, milling machine accessories such as milling machines. Among the products you will find mandrels, which are used to fix the milling head in the machine spindle, tapers in 5 types, which you can select according to your requirements, as well as taps for through holes.

The Machine tooling also includes chucks for milling machines, lathes, but especially for drilling machines. They are used to fix all kinds of cylindrical shank drills to the machine tool. On our website you will find self-clamping chucks, so-called keyless chucks, as well as keyed versions that are clamped monolithically with an arbor or by means of a combination clamping. For pre-drilling and finishing of holes you can use countersinks. This machine tooling is available in two models - finishing and roughing. Also rely on a wide selection of extension and enlargement reduction sleeves to make your work easier.

Machine Tools

In this category you will also find machine accessories for milling machines, planers, angle grinders and even rotary hammers and drills. Accessories like these are sure to come in handy when working in any multi-trade or specialty shop. When it comes to parts for milling machines, you will find a wide range of taps with different pitches and overall lengths on our platform. Planer accessories such as knives and chip bags are also very useful machine equipment. For angle grinders, the acid steel cut-off wheel is the perfect accessory. Made of a robust material, the discs are sure to get the job done. In this category you will also find high-quality chisels.

A very important equipment for your machine are all batteries and chargers. Batteries vary in capacity, which is usually expressed in Ah (Ampere-hours). The higher the capacity, the longer you can run the machine on a single charge. When choosing machine accessories, such as a charger, make sure which battery it is designed for. The most important factor is the model of the machine, the brand and the voltage. Batteries are often subjected to harsh working conditions, so go for the highest quality machine accessories made using the latest technology. Choose proven brands available in this category.

Extremely functional machine equipment are all available in our suitcases and toolboxes. A well-equipped case makes it easier to perform many tasks by keeping the necessary tools properly organized. When choosing this type of machine equipment, make sure that the construction and interior of the case are matched to the tools you plan to put in it. They cannot be stowed too loosely as they will be damaged in transit. In the Machine Tooling category you can find small and plastic cases or very spacious and large cases on wheels. Determine your needs and choose the model that meets your expectations.

Bet on the highest quality machine tools, which will effectively affect the efficiency of your work. Reputable suppliers offer products made of durable and damage-resistant materials. In this category you will find solutions for professionals and beginners in the profession. A wide range of models allows you to choose accessories for all your industrial needs in one place.