Energy and mining equipment

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Energy and mining equipment

The energy and mining equipment currently used must be efficient and reliable. Accessories and machines with which the energy industry is supplied are exposed to constant use and to withstand heavy loads. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of control systems, emergency power supply and lubrication of mechanisms.

In our online store, we have placed a number of useful accessories that are necessary for the uninterrupted operation of industrial machines. Renowned manufacturers who have gained recognition among customers in many countries took care of their quality. Energy equipment and consumables visible on our portal can be purchased at competitive prices. To find other necessary engineering and industrial materials and articles, see the full offer visible in the categories.

Ways to get emergency power

Depending on the place to be supplied with electricity and the number of connected devices, there are several methods of emergency power supply. Some of them are available in our store. Those are:

  • power generators,

  • maintenance-free batteries,

  • UPS,

  • double-sided power supply,

  • hybrid systems - combining several solutions in one,

  • specialized systems.

It should be noted that the energy industry has a huge demand for electricity. There is no room for any shortage of energy supply due to the continuity of the work performed. For example, mining equipment in mines is powered by at least two independent electricity grids, which ensure a constant supply of energy. All emergency power systems must be precisely designed and calculated to provide sufficient alternative power supply to the equipment and machinery that absolutely must function.

Design and operation of the UPS

In many situations, an emergency power supply system is a great solution. It can be designed on the basis of UPS. Not only energy equipment can use emergency devices, but also devices in factories, enterprises and even private homes. The heart of such equipment are batteries, which store the electricity coming from the network. Their task is to maintain a constant voltage of current reaching the connected equipment. It may happen that under the influence of certain power problems, the voltage value will be higher or lower than the rated 230 V. In order to protect sensitive electronic circuits, control systems, servers, workstations or home appliances, this type of solution is recommended.

Our portal has many great auctions of components used by energy equipment and other machines, as well as home power systems. An example is the maintenance-free lead-acid battery. It was prepared as a battery used in UPS. Its construction allows it to work regardless of the position thanks to the AGM valve control. The service life of the device is determined at 5 years. It is a great source of emergency energy for power systems.

Other energy tools

Industrial energy equipment must be monitored by specific devices. In complex power supply systems for factories, enterprises and other places, the following can be useful in the offer of our store:

  • three-phase protection testers,

  • high voltage multimeters,

  • cable testing instruments,

  • partial discharge meters,

Thanks to them, the electrically powered mining equipment will be under strict protection against unexpected power changes.

Our internet portal has many useful accessories to keep energy equipment running smoothly and without disruptions. We also offer consumables for machines, electrical devices and equipment used in other branches of heavy industry. Their competitive prices are also an additional factor that should encourage you to buy. To see the full offer from reputable manufacturers, please see the other categories.