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Motor starter/Motor starter combination Siemens 3RK13956KS713AD3 Reversing starter DC Class 1 IP65
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Motor starter/Motor starter combination Siemens 3RK13956KS713AD3 Reversing starter DC Class 1 IP65

€584.01 +VAT
PLN 2,737.92
  • Manufacturer: Siemens
  • Manufacturer Code: 3RK13956KS713AD3
  • EAN: 4011209824140
  • Type of motor starter: Reversing starter
  • Voltage type for actuating: DC
  • Release class: Other
  • Type of electrical connection of main circuit: Other
  • Type of electrical connection for auxiliary- and control current circuit: Other
Response time: usually up to 1 day
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Drive technology

Drive technology refers to technical systems that generate motion by transmitting force. They consist in driving and controlling moving parts of machines. On our portal you will find auctions of reputable manufacturers who provide the highest quality sets of parts that ensure this movement. You will find a wide range of suitable solutions for your individual application.

The drive technology available in this category is characterized by a long service life, precise workmanship and high reliability. Are you looking for a linear drive, a Z axis for gantry structures or an overall lubrication-free and efficient alternative to your drive system? From the wide range of products, you will surely find it all with the appropriate specification that will meet your expectations.

Drive systems - what are the types

The drive technology, consisting of many components, is a supply system responsible for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, and is an indispensable element of many technological processes. The available modular drives guarantee flexibility above all. The appropriate solution is therefore selected depending on the needs of the application. With their use, it is possible to build systems with a common DC bus, as well as those that return excess electricity to the supply network. In order for such a drive system to be complete, it must include the following modules: drive, inverter, rectifier and controller. Water and wastewater systems use special drives to control the pumps and control flow and pressure in water pumping applications. Drive technology of this type can be available in single and multi-engine versions.

Drive technology also includes stepper motors, which are an indispensable element of any machines that require precision. High-quality devices allow you to reach maximum speed in a short time, braking and changing the direction of rotation. Choose from a wide range of Permanent Magnet, Hybrid and Variable Reluctance VR models. The drive technology available in this category, such as servo drives, is used in process line systems. Servo drives allow you to monitor the axis and control the position and torque of the force. Current models feature self-tuning of the drive to the mechanical system, as well as a control mode to monitor speed and position. Check also the other suggestions to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Depending on the type of drive, a different drive technology is used. In modern technological machines, each of them is powered by its own engine, which is why electric drives will be perfect in this case. For electric drive technology, you can use geared motors, gears and single or three-phase motors. In this category you will also find all kinds of pumps, motors and cylinders ideal for hydraulic drives, as well as plate motors for pneumatic drives.

Innovative solutions in drive systems

Energy-saving drive systems are becoming more and more popular. Compared to traditional solutions, electric drive technology in this version generates less vibration and noise, as well as lower temperature rise. Innovative products have better properties in terms of tolerance to fluctuating voltage. To reduce the demand for electricity, companies whose devices can be found on our portal implement special design solutions. The drive technology uses materials with a high level of electrical conductivity.

Choose the highest quality drive systems. In this category you will find a wide range of products from components to complete systems. All motors, gears, geared motors and other devices are offered by reputable manufacturers at attractive prices. Each element is precisely matched to each other, because only the perfect combination results in a fully efficient and effective system. Also visit the other categories to find a range of functional solutions.