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The basic equipment of every professional workshop or production hall are drilling machines. With them, both experienced professionals and novice technicians can drill holes in various materials, make connections between components of different structures or install wall-mounted equipment. Drillers should be selected taking into account the substrate on which they will work. In this category you will find high-quality equipment distinguished by its above-average performance and high power of operation. Bet on drills, thanks to which the execution of jobs will be more efficient and effective.

Drillers are devices that are above all easy to use. They are uncomplicated in design and therefore rarely break down. Even in the event of damage to the mechanism, in a short time you can replace the faulty component and maintain continuity of work. In this category you will find high quality drillers, which are characterized by good technical parameters that will ensure trouble-free operation for a long time. They are extremely powerful devices that can be used even in extreme conditions without unexpected power drops. Drillers are suitable for work in the open air, but also in specialized paint shops, carpentry or installation of LPG systems.

Bet on a pneumatic drill that allows you to work with even the hardest materials processed in the industry. Special functions, which some of our devices are equipped with, make it possible to regulate the rotation speed and change the direction of drilling. They also have special anti-vibration systems and a drilling depth limiter. Comfortable handles, with which pneumatic drilling machines have been equipped, ensure stable holding of the device and high comfort of use for every employee.

Pneumatic drills for advanced professionals

For small holes in metal, wood or plastic, a handheld drill is ideal. It will help when working on furniture production lines or similar types of workplaces. A hand drill is a small-sized device that guarantees reaching hard-to-reach places with limited room for manoeuvre. On our platform, you will find universal products with optimal power or specialized models characterized by high power of action.

Pneumatic drills have no electrical components, so they do not overheat even during long periods of operation. They come in handy in areas particularly prone to fire hazards, such as paint shops and carpentry workshops. Pneumatic drills are not only lighter than power tools, but also operate more efficiently than electric versions. Pneumatic drillers work by connecting them to an air compressor - so it is worth paying attention to the parameter, which is the air consumption, when choosing.

Among the wide range of products on our portal you will find various types of drills. One of them is universal pneumatic drill, which has interchangeable heads allowing drilling various types of holes. On the other hand, a straight drilling machine will provide you with a small diameter hole. Angle drills are good for places where access is very limited. Pistol models, on the other hand, are especially recommended for industry and workshops.

Drills are one of the basic pneumatic tools used by professionals in various fields. Making holes during assembly, construction or finishing works would be impossible without powerful pneumatic drills for industrial applications. On our platform, you will find efficient and fully professional equipment from reputable manufacturers. These drills are made of top quality materials and based on innovative technologies. They guarantee long, trouble-free operation while maintaining proper safety rules. Check also the other categories where you will find all the necessary tools and accessories for drilling, such as drills or drilling heads. On our portal, you can place a complete order, thanks to which you will fully equip your workshop or workplace.