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Drill Tools

Drill tools are the elements that ensure making precise holes in various types of surfaces and materials. The Drill Tools in this category are selected according to the drilling method - you will find drill bits as well as countersinks, chamfers and countersinks for tapered threads. Drill bits are useful in preparing the hole before threading, drill bits can be used for drilling, and countersinks will countersink holes for tapered screw heads. Check what you can find in this category and place your order, thus completing the equipment for your multibranch company or specialist workshop.

Drilling Tools

The drilling tools are not only hand and electric drills or hammer drills, but above all the matching drill bits. In this category you will find drill tools made of the highest quality materials, which you will choose by diameter to fit optimally to the dowel. One of the most commonly used drill bits is the core drill bit, which allows you to drill holes without using a lot of force. These types of drill tools are abrasion resistant and can be used when drilling in steel, aluminum, plastic, copper, tin, and even fiberglass and carbon fiber. Sharp edges ensure precise, smooth and clean holes at high speeds, resulting in a precisely machined shape ready for further processing. Drill tools, such as core drills, are manufactured in many sizes - and you can also select several sizes to optimize your production process in your plant.

A good choice will also be drilling tools, such as cobalt drill bits, with which you can machine stainless steel, concrete and other hard materials. Cobalt drill bits can withstand high temperatures, which also makes them more resistant to wear. However, if you need more durability, choose titanium drill bits. Robust and hard drill bits of this type are coated with a titanium coating that reduces friction and speeds up the drilling speed - titanium drill bits are therefore ideal for industrial and craft work.

Drill Tools

Depending on the type of profession, different types of drill bits will work well for metal and others for wood. Drill tools for drilling in wood are finished with a long centering tip. Two chip flutes allow the hole to be made smoothly. Spiral drill bits are designed for drilling in soft and hard wood - just choose the material you want them to be made of and they make the right holes for dowels and screws. Woodworkers and roofers will find twist drills useful. In medium and soft wood, chipboard and fibreboard, holes can be made with twist drills (also called flat drills).

If you want to work on masonry or concrete, you will need the right drill bit with an impact function. Choose a drill bit with tungsten carbide inserts. Diamond drill bits are also suitable for hard materials. You can use them to make holes in ceramics. This type of drilling tool allows you to take care of details without cracks and scratches. Choose the right drilling tool for your industry and the material to be drilled - this way you can ensure smooth holes and no damage to the wood or metal you are working with.

Large businesses will certainly find drill bit sets useful, where you can find products of different sizes. High quality drill bits bought on our platform in sets from reputable manufacturers are drill tools made solidly and precisely. They guarantee long use even in extreme working conditions. It is worth investing in drill tools with extra reinforced structure that will ensure safe operation for a long time. If you need the right drill bits or want to complete a drill tools with the right parameters, you will surely find them in this category.