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Hole saw diamond 68x8x75mm
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Hole saw diamond 68x8x75mm

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€35.08 +VAT
  • For metal: 65
  • Solvent - based paints and varnishes: 68
  • Temperature range: 90
  • Hair / brush height mm: 06
  • Mark: 09
  • Accuracy +/- mm: 0
  • Number of puller arms: 40
  • Emulsion paints: 66
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Drilling is a cutting in the material with a special tool - a drill, resulting in a hole with a usually circular cross-section. Drilling is usually done at a late stage of machining, after previous operations have increased the initial value of the workpiece. If you are looking for the right tools for your profession, you will surely find them on our website.

If you decide to drill you must take into account three basic parameters: the diameter of the hole, the depth of the hole, as well as its quality. Consideration of these factors determines the selection of the appropriate drilling tool. Drilling is most often done with stationary, portable or hand-held drills, and somewhat less often with a lathe or shop milling machine. Among the machining techniques used, countersinking is one for which you can use a typical screwdriver drill or a drill with two or three steps - you can find them on our website.

Drilling Tools

The right drilling tools allow you to drill different types of holes that require tools with different characteristics. Drilling of small and medium diameter holes uses solid carbide drills with interchangeable tips and insert drills. When drilling large diameter holes, you have three alternatives to choose from. You can use a trepan tool, enlarge the hole with a boring tool or perform helical interpolation with milling tools. For drilling deep holes, choose drilling tools taking into account the relevant speeds and feed rates. For very small holes you can use micro drills.

In this category you will find drilling tools for use in various drilling techniques. There is a large selection of auger bits, through-hole and blind hole drill heads. You can also choose drilling tools for vertical and horizontal drilling rigs, as well as for piling rigs - their parameters can be checked in the specifications on the page and in the attached user manual.

Select drilling tools for concrete, metal and wood

Among the many products on offer you will find tools for various materials. Among these are the extremely durable and robust concrete drill bits. The different models are especially efficient when it comes to the work they do. Among the available drill bits you will certainly manage to choose the right one for you in terms of parameters required in the industry. SDS or SDS plus concrete drill bits, reinforced concrete drill bits or long concrete drill bits - all these types of drill bits are waiting for you in this category. To drill holes in metal safely, get a high-quality set of drill bits designed for this type of material. Thanks to them, you will easily cope with drilling holes necessary for screwdriving and fixing connectors. Cobalt metal drill bit or drill bit for hard metal will significantly facilitate the execution of basic works and the execution of large orders.

Drilling in wood is equally common in many workplaces. With the right tools, it's possible to make repairs, renovations or create custom projects. The Drill Tools for wood available in this category are a range of practical models, among which you will find flat drill bits, auger bits or chamfered drill bits for universal or more specialised applications.

A wide range of drilling accessories is also available for woodworking. They enable you to drill a hole correctly in the material of your choice, so you can choose the right product for your profession from the many available. Drilling accessories are handy and practical tools. Drilling with all kinds of chucks, extensions and sockets will allow you to achieve much better final results - they are functional and guarantee good work results. Check out the wide range of products we have available. The choice is really wide - visit the other categories as well.