Drainage and dehydration

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Drainage and dehydration

In this category you will find everything you need to get rid of water from the land. Pipes, drainage pipes, gutters, branches, etc., all serve to prevent water from accumulating where you do not want and thus not disrupt the function of buildings, roads and other structures. As there are many products in this offer, always pay close attention to whether the one you choose is suitable for the purpose you need. Some are suitable, for example, for draining water away from perimeter masonry, others are intended for draining water on building plots, and others are ideal for draining flat roofs.

KG Pipes, tubes, elbows and branches

If you need to build an outdoor sewer system, then KG pipes and all its other elements are your clear choice. Unlike HT pipes (which are used, for example, to drain used water from the washing machine), the KG type can be buried directly in the ground. This is due to the resistance of the material, which not only offers a long service life and protection against moisture and ground pressure, but will also please the easy and fast installation of the entire system.

When buying KG pipes, elbows or branches, always make sure that you have chosen the correct diameter and length. Avoid possible leaks or even incompatibility of products with each other.

Drainage pipes

Drainage pipes can also be useful when designing a drainage system. These come at a time when you need to reliably drain water most often from the building site. As in the case of KG pipes, the best way to connect a system of drainage pipes is to use reducers, elbows and branches. We always recommend that you read the parameters of the selected products well to make sure that everything fits together.

You will use the so-called drainage geotextile to separate the individual layers and filter. It is laid under the drainage pipes, ensures a balanced flow of water and at the same time provides protection against damage to the drainage pipes and other parts of the drainage system. It is recommended to combine the drainage geotextile with the nop foil, which is considered first (ie under the geotextile).

Gutters and drains

These components of drainage and dehydration of the land are used for the final drainage of water into the main sewer. In its simple form, you can equip a drain for a classic home bathtub, an advanced variant is, for example, a channel under the gutter.

When choosing gutters and drains, always check what load the product can withstand. It is one thing to drain water in areas where it does not rain much, but it is quite another in places where there are heavy rains and all elements of the drainage system are regularly exposed to large influxes of water. In this category you will find products such as front walls, drain connections, grilles, gratings or outlets.

Flat roof drainage

Drainage of water from flat roofs is most often carried out using roof drains, protective baskets and roof pipes. In principle, we distinguish between two ways of draining flat roofs. Gravity (more expensive and with the use of more materials) or vacuum (more efficient drainage of water using fewer building elements).