Diamond technique

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Diamond shield Festool 768018
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Diamond shield Festool 768018

€160.16 +VAT
CZK 3,958.68
  • Manufacturer: Festool
  • Manufacturer Code: 768018
  • EAN: 4014549205198
  • Inner Diameter: 25/22.2
  • Active surface [mm²]: 3460
  • Segment height [mm]: 7
  • Diameter [mm]: 130
Petr Řehola - GAMA
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Diamond technology

In both general and industrial construction, various innovative techniques are used when working. One of these is certainly the diamond technology, which uses saws with diamond blades. The diamond technique makes it possible to reduce or completely exclude the effects of vibrations on the building structure during all kinds of concrete drilling, hole cutting, as well as dismantling and demolition work. It is therefore a good option for many industries that require precision. Convince yourself of the high quality of solutions available in this category!

Modern diamond tools in this category enable you to quickly drill holes in heavily reinforced concrete while reducing noise and dust. Diamond segmented discs, unlike conventional tools, are impact and vibration free, and special tools allow dust to be extracted in real time. The Diamond technology enables extremely precise and aesthetic drilling of holes in a wide range of diameters, at any angle, to any depth and on any substrate.

Diamond in a 10-grade scale of Mohs hardness is in the last position, which makes it the hardest mineral. It is extremely resistant to scratching - only a second diamond can scratch it. For this reason, the diamond technology that uses it is a reliable technology for the toughest jobs.

Diamond tools

Diamond tools are distinguished by their strength and high precision. They will successfully serve during the installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and water supply systems. Available in this category Diamond tools are a wide range of products used for cutting or grinding reinforced concrete structures and ceilings - see for yourself their functionality and choose the right cutting or grinding discs.

On this site you will find diamond cutting and grinding discs from renowned manufacturers, which use diamond technology for effective and efficient work. Diamond cutting and grinding discs are used for cutting concrete, stoneware, reinforced concrete, asphalt or natural stone. On our platform you will find different models due to the characteristics of the diamond segment, the way the segment is connected to the disc or the diamond grain size. You can also choose diamond blades with different binders, slot shapes and segment widths and heights. Choose the tool that perfectly matches your machine and the material you are cutting - for the best possible result.

Just as often, diamond technology uses diamond grinding discs. These are used for roughing and smoothing surfaces and edges. They are characterised by a long service life and the optimum cutting speed, with which you can easily work concrete and other mineral materials. On our platform you can choose between diamond discs by disc diameter or by disc bore. Here you will find various types of diamond grinding discs, which you can adapt to the type of work you will be doing with them. Check their exact specifications and choose the best.

The Diamond technology allows to perform works characterised by the highest precision, and at the same time very high efficiency. Thanks to it, all realisations are safe for the processed material, because the specialised equipment does not transfer vibrations and impact to it. Diamond technology allows you to cut hard materials, so do not wait and discover the incredible advantages of this innovative method. All the necessary tools can be found in this category. On this portal you will find high quality blades that will ensure precision during work, which will translate into a final result. With the variety of products available, you are sure to find one that meets your needs. Check also other solutions from the field of tool accessories, which you will find in other categories.