Diamond files

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Diamond files

Diamond files are needle files with diamond grit, designed for filing small surfaces or parts with high hardness, such as those made of carbide or hardened tool steel. Like standard conifers, they are small in size and have long narrow blades. They are used in many industries, mainly in locksmith, precision mechanics, machining, foundry, etc.

Design of diamond files

Diamond files, like conifers, consist of a working part and a handle and are small in size and elongated in shape. However, instead of being cut, they are coated with diamond grit. Diamond needle files are tools with a material-uniform body made of steel, which is why their handles are steel rounded handles. These tools can also be equipped with plastic handles.

Types of diamond files

Diamond files are classified according to the grit size of the diamond grit and the shape of their cross-sectional area. According to the last criterion, a distinction is made between flat, square, triangular, round, semicircular, knife, oval, lenticular, sword etc. diamond needle files.

Main technical characteristics of diamond files

The technical parameters that characterize conifer files are: length of the working part, width of the working part, thickness of the working part, diamond grain size, cross-sectional shape and total weight.

Applications for diamond files

Diamond needle files are used for the following machining operations: deburring, smoothing, chamfering, rounding, filing small flat surfaces made of: carbide, hardened tool steel, alloy steel, aluminium and its alloys, precious metals, ceramics, glass, hard plastics or rubber with a high degree of hardness. These tools are used wet with a special coolant. They are produced by Urdiamant, Pferd, Bahco and others.