Dedicated cans

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Dedicated cans

Dedicated junction boxes are bought by electricians when they care about proper placement of electrical components. Then they decide to choose the type of box that will be most suitable for their specific applications. Therefore, it is worth knowing the characteristics of particular boxes in order to choose the most suitable one.

Dedicated boxes: characteristics

Dedicated Cans come from reputable manufacturers who can be trusted to produce high quality products. Among the dedicated boxes you can distinguish several types, which means that it will be good to know their parameters in order to match the best model based on them. The most often available in this category are: flush-mounted boxes, surface-mounted boxes and floor boxes. Deciding to buy them, you can always be sure of choosing high quality products. Kontakt Simon is one of those companies which are worth trusting due to the fact that you can buy reliable elements included in electrical equipment and energy distribution systems. Products from this manufacturer can be purchased in the wholesale store Karlik, gaining confidence in receiving the best products. Energy distribution systems are a set of elements that allow you to create sophisticated electrical, IT and multimedia installations. Each such energy distribution system clearly affects the ergonomics prevailing in the house. It is used, among others, in:

  • offices, industrial and commercial buildings, medical facilities,

  • educational centres, hotels and many other public buildings.

In addition, it is increasingly common to find them in private homes. The boxes are ideal when it comes to storing such elements which are part of the energy distribution system.

There are installation flush mounted boxes, which are divided into boxes for brick walls and boxes for plasterboard walls. Their construction facilitates and allows for installation using various construction and fixing materials, such as special nails. Flush junction boxes also have dedicated elements that allow you to adjust their depth, which makes it easier to lay plaster or covers that allow you to find the box after the plaster has been applied. You can get flush-mounted boxes in different shapes, colors and sizes, depending on what their purpose is. The types of flush mounted boxes are single, double, triple, quadruple, regular and countersunk, and with or without a cover.

There are also installation surface boxes, which protect connections of electrical conductors. These types of junction boxes are mounted on the wall and usually placed in technical rooms. Surface-mounted boxes minimize difficulties in later changes. Surface-mounted junction boxes provide a place for smooth, safe and appropriate electrical connection of specific circuits. They are suitable for installation of sockets, installation switches,

They are suitable for installing sockets, switches, as well as for dividing an installation into several circuits. Surface mounted boxes from renowned manufacturers feature high protection level IP 44 which protects against moisture and mechanical damage.

dedicated boxes: floor boxes

Floor boxes are also distinguished from dedicated junction boxes. Such underfloor installations are currently the standard for electrical and teletechnical installations in modern workplaces. The use of floor boxes allows for quick access to media in places which are far from walls. Floor boxes can be aligned in terms of depth. Thanks to that they are adjusted to the floor height and fully enable the use of sockets with straight plugs and the use of ICT cables. This is due to the fact that the lids of floor boxes are equipped with cable passages which are used to lead out the wires from inside the box. Dedicated junction boxes allow, above all, to keep order in a particular room where there is a lot of cabling.