Cylindrical fuses

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Cylindrical fuses

Cylindrical automotive fuses are used in automotive electrics. These are basic accessories used in the automotive industry. Automotive cylindrical electrical fuse kits protect electrical installations from damage due to over-current.

Cylindrical fuses:


Cylindrical fuses can have the following amperage: 5A, 8A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A. As car fuses they work very well and can be matched directly to a specific vehicle model. It is possible due to their different parameters. Their task is to break an electric circuit in which the flowing current exceeds the permissible value for a certain period. A special type are cylindrical fuses used to protect electrical devices and installations against the effects of short-circuits and overloads. When selecting this type of electric fuses , one should follow parameters such as: rated voltages, rated currents, rated frequency, short-circuit breaking capacity, body material, contact material, or the manufacturer's characteristics.

Cylindrical fuses are temperature-resistant materials, so the power losses of their application will be low. They can be sealed with or without an insert, depending on the manufacturer's arrangements. Their degree of protection is high, which means that protection of the electrical installation will be complete. The installation of this type of fuses guarantees that the short-circuit current will be strongly limited. Therefore, protection of the surge arrester circuits against short-circuit current will be as effective as possible. Each manufacturer offering cylindrical fuses precisely indicates in their offer what are the technical data of the fuses, what the amperage will handle, or when the electric circuit breakdown will take place, so customers do not they have to be afraid that they will not adjust the fuse to their own requirements and the conditions of the car in which a specific fuse is to be installed.

Cylindrical fuses: high safety

The use of cylindrical fuses significantly increases the degree of safety in a designated electrical system. In terms of circuit protection, the indicated electrical accessories perform very well. Cylindrical fuses, including fuses, are manufactured in a technology that guarantees high-class safety and operational reliability. The fuse bases are made using a thermoplastic method, so they will also be temperature resistant. When buying specific fuses, you should take into account parameters such as: rated current, rated voltage, characteristics and size. These security elements must be adapted to the systems in which they will be located. Cylindrical fuses from leading manufacturers are tested in difficult conditions before they are put into use. This allows them to meet stringent standards. Due to their compact dimensions, they are perfect for places where the amount of available space is limited. When deciding to buy a specific fuse, you need to take into account its special features so that the electrical device works flawlessly. You should be guided by the amperage, because it depends on how the device will work. In addition, it is advisable to use the available detailed information on specific fuses. Technical data will allow you to conclude whether these accessories will work in a specific place. Car cylindrical electric fuse kits provide maximum protection of electrical installations against failure, if the current is too high. In an emergency, they guarantee that the circuit will be broken, which will minimize the negative effects that could be associated with the destruction of the electrics in the car.