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Sawing machines Cutting machines are specialized equipment that is used to cut through different types of materials. When choosing the right machine, you must first of all take into account what kind of material you want to cut with it. On our platform you will find not only universal cutting machines, but also specialist versions, adapted to work in difficult industrial conditions. You will choose them according to the relevant parameters - so pay attention to the specifications of specific models.

The cutting machines in this category are high quality products which are sure to prove themselves during intensive use in any work place, both multi-branch and specialist. Some models are adapted to beginners in the profession of technicians, others are extremely advanced to meet the expectations of experienced professionals. The cutting machines are versatile and versatile - check which model is best for your industry.

Hand saws and their types

In this category you will find manual cutting machines that break the plate after scratching it with a knife in the right place. When pressed, the tile is broken - this type of saw will work best for small areas. It is ideal for cutting wall tiles, floor tiles, stoneware and similar materials. The cutting machines you will find in this category are robust devices - each cutter has a durable guide bearing, which translates into its long life. Using the tool in accordance with its purpose and maintaining safety rules also affects its failure-free operation. The pneumatic cutter models you will find in this category will help you create a complete equipment for every workshop and workshop.

Cutting machines can also be divided by the material to be cut. Universal cutting machines are characterized by a blade that can handle most materials, but not too hard. When it comes to specialized equipment, there are cutting machines for metal, wood, tile, polystyrene, pipes or even asphalt. Each specialty saw is a precision engineered machine that can make accurate cuts in your chosen material. Check out this category and find the right equipment for your needs.

Circular saw - specifications

In this category you will find various types of cutting machines, which you will match according to the needs of the industry in which you operate. In many industries it is useful to have a disc cutter. This is a robust and heavy machine, which is used for cutting, among others, profiles, pipes or materials made of iron or stainless steel. A characteristic feature of this type of cutter is that its blade is driven by a chain. Thanks to its precision, it can be used both in large factories during mass production and in smaller professional workshops. It will also be useful on construction sites. Circular saw Disc cutter can have different cutting speeds and different sliding vise. When choosing one, it is also worth paying attention to the motor power and the cutting range of the different materials.

Although you can find various models of cutters on the market - from plasma cutters to waterjet cutters, if you are looking for a more comfortable equipment for car service or body shop, you will definitely need an air cutting machine. Its light weight and handy design guarantee comfort during use. Its light weight and handy design guarantee comfort during use, while the refined pneumatic motor contributes to low noise and vibration. The Pneumatic cutter is a specialist device which can handle cutting metal, car body parts or tin structures. Its handy shape makes it can be used in places where access is difficult. Check the motor power and vibration level before deciding on a particular model to make sure you get the right one. Take a look at the other categories to find the right tools and accessories to improve the work in every factory or workplace.