Corrugated plastic wiring pipes

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Plastic corrugated electrical conduits

Plastic corrugated conduits, also known as peslas, protect electrical wires and cables from mechanical damage and provide shielding from the harmful effects of weather and chemicals. They can also protect against UV radiation, which is harmful to the insulation of cables and wires, and damage caused by friction and stretching.

Cable corrugated pipes are made of PVC plastic, which is characterized by high mechanical strength, durability and flexibility, as well as dielectric properties. The corrugated surface of the pipes allows easy fitting and shaping, which makes them useful in electrical installation applications.

Plastic corrugated electrical conduits - types and applications

Corrugated PVC pipes are the security of electrical and telecommunications installations, although this is not the only use of corrugated pipes. Plastic pipes are also used in water supply, sewage and central heating installations. The material from which corrugated pipes are made allows for easy bending, which ensures their installation in hardly accessible places.

Peszle are willingly used in electrical installations, because they can be laid both in wall and floor furrows, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They can be successfully used for laying cables under the plaster, as well as for surface installations. This wide range of applications in electrical engineering, as well as in other areas, makes corrugated plastic tubing an extremely versatile solution.

Types of corrugated tubing in electrical installation applications

There are many variants of corrugated tubing available on the market for electrical installation applications. Usually a distinction is made between non-combustible corrugated conduits (in the event of fire they do not spread flame), halogen-free (do not produce harmful substances during combustion), UV resistant, reinforced (equipped with additional reinforcement, with higher impact and crush resistance), and with a seam (allows the application on the existing cable or wire). Many products often combine more than one feature, e.g. there are commercially available halogen-free and flame retardant bushings or UV-resistant and reinforced ones at the same time.

The most important parameters of corrugated tubing based on the example of KOPOFLEX corrugated tubing

Many manufacturers offer corrugated tubing for a wide range of tasks. This diversity can be seen in the representative product line KOPOFLEX from Kopos.

Double jacketed flexible pipe

Kopos offers a range of additional wall reinforced cable ducts, i.e. pipes with double jacket (double wall). They are halogen-free and designed for mechanical protection of all types of power and telecommunications cables. Plastic pipes are delivered to the customer in coils, and each coil is equipped with a wire or a rope for pulling the cable in, i.e. in the so-called pilot, as well as a connector enabling the creation of longer stretches of cable ducts. The pipe has a high protection level of IP 67 (provided that a sealing ring is used), and when burying it together with the cable or wire in the ground, maximum loads must be taken into account.

UV resistant flexible pipe

Another example of a KOPOFLEX hose is the halogen-free, UV-resistant double-skinned pipe. Like the basic product, it is designed for the mechanical protection of all types of power and telecommunications cables and is supplied to the customer in coils, with pilot. The IP 67 protection degree, obtained with the use of a sealing ring, provides good protection against moisture and dust, and of course the manufacturer recommends not exceeding the permissible loads when placing the cable in the trench.

Halogen-free, self-extinguishing flexible pipe

Halogen-free, double-skinned protective pipe used for mechanical protection of all types of power and telecommunications cables and wires, intended for applications where the spread of flame is unacceptable and every element of the installation must be self-extinguishing.

Antibacterial and self-extinguishing flexible pipe

The double-walled, self-extinguishing, antistatic and antibacterial corrugated pipe is intended for applications where hygiene is of particular importance and the installation elements must not attract dust or allow the multiplication of microorganisms. The pipes are delivered to the customer secured with a plug on both ends.