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Cordless riveting machines

Riveting is one of the basic methods of joining construction elements in various machines and devices. Professional riveting of thin elements, especially metal sheets, is currently performed with the use of battery riveting machines with blind rivets with diameters up to 6.4 mm or with rivet nuts up to M10. The development of riveting and battery technology as well as the production of highly specialized tools contributed to the development of battery riveting machines.

Construction of cordless riveting machines

The cordless rivet tools are available in two very similar designs: (1) for fastening blind rivets and (2) for blind rivet nuts. These power tools consist of the following basic components: a riveting head and an electric drive with or without hydraulic power steering, and a housing with a handle or grip and battery mounting. Inside the head there is a mechanism for tightening rivets or rivet nuts. The main elements of the riveting head are: jaws for gripping the shank of a blind rivet or a mandrel for fastening rivet nuts (only in rivet nut riveters), helical-helical mechanism to give the spindle a rotary motion (only in rivet nut rivets), pusher, replaceable bushing for driving the rivet from the front to the head and the mandrel collecting tank (only for blind rivet tools). The riveting tools are driven by commutator DC or brushless motors. Their work is electronically controlled. Highly advanced cordless riveting machines are equipped with advanced electronics with the function of adjusting the rivet assembly force and hitchhiking, which stops the device after riveting.

Accessories for cordless riveting machines

Accessories for cordless riveting machines are guide bushes for the rivet with dimensions corresponding to the blind rivets (2.4-6.0 mm) or mandrels for rivet nuts (M3-M10). For some models, you can buy a head extension with an elongated pusher designed for work in hard-to-reach places.

Main technical parameters of cordless riveting machines

The basic parameters of the cordless rivet tools are: the range of diameters of blind rivets possible to fix (2.4-6.4 mm in steel), the range of rivet nuts (M3-M10), the pulling force (3000-22.000 N), the working stroke (max. 25 mm) and supply voltage (10.8, 14.4, 18 or 21.6 V).

Applications of cordless riveting machines

Riveting machines are specialized cordless power tools. They are used exclusively for fastening blind rivets or rivet nuts and joining various materials with them; steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, wood, leather, plastics etc. These devices are manufactured by BÖLLHOFF (Rivkle), Gesipa, Hilti, Makita, Milwaukee, Metabo and others.