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D25899K SDS-MAX Demolition Hammer, 10 kg DeWalt class

  • Manufacturer: DeWalt
  • Power output: 750 W.
  • Length: 250 mm, 650 mm
  • Impact energy: 25 J.
PLN 3,394.99

D25980 Demolition hammer, 28 mm hexagonal handle, 30 kg DeWalt class

  • Manufacturer: DeWalt
  • Height: 620 mm
  • Power output: 986 W.
  • Length: 780 mm
PLN 6,794.99

1/2 "- 2" manual hydraulic bender + tripod

  • Manufacturer: GTools
PLN 1,219.51

Portable electric bender VIRAX [DIFFERENT MODELS TO CHOOSE]

  • Manufacturer: Virax
PLN 4,436.98

Adjustable pliers 180-250 mm FACOM!

  • Manufacturer: Facom
PLN 179.46

Set of 4 circlip pliers, straight jaws FACOM!

  • Manufacturer: Facom
PLN 365.34

Industrial instrument bender 608M RIDGID

  • Manufacturer: Ridgid
PLN 543.99

Set of 4 circlip pliers, straight and angled jaws FACOM!

  • Manufacturer: Facom
PLN 406.34

Crimping pliers for FACOM pre-insulated connectors

  • Manufacturer: Facom
PLN 351.93

Ratchet with 1/2 '' rotating handle FACOM!

  • Manufacturer: Facom
PLN 289.27

40383 Ridgid Hydraulic Bender - Covered handle

  • Manufacturer: Ridgid
PLN 3,799.99

612M RIDGID industrial instrument bender

  • Manufacturer: Ridgid
PLN 826.99

12-piece Milwaukee saber saw blades

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee
PLN 147.60

1/2 '' ratchet - L SERIES FACOM!

  • Manufacturer: Facom
PLN 195.75

Crimping pliers for FACOM cable terminals

  • Manufacturer: Facom
PLN 330.80


  • Manufacturer: Virax
PLN 2,643.68

610M RIDGID industrial instrument bending machine

  • Manufacturer: Ridgid
PLN 659.99

Adjustable pliers 180-250 mm FACOM!

  • Manufacturer: Facom
PLN 166.94

Industrial instrument bender 606M RIDGID

  • Manufacturer: Ridgid
PLN 485.99

521.200 Locking clamp pliers, sliding, 200/260 mm FACOM

  • Manufacturer: Facom
  • Weight: 1.18 kg
PLN 431.85

1/2 "hexagonal socket set 8-32 mm, SXL.DBOX3 FACOM

  • Manufacturer: Facom
PLN 1,437.78

3/8 "hexagonal socket set 8-22 mm, J.161-2P6 FACOM

  • Manufacturer: Facom
PLN 913.92

Circlip pliers 15-62 mm, 411A.17 FACOM

  • Manufacturer: Facom
PLN 179.09

ROBEND® H + W 12 - 15 - 18 - 22 mm bending machine

  • Manufacturer: Rothenberger
PLN 2,254.96
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Building materials from proven suppliers

Whether you are going to choose any building material, you definitely want to be sure that it will be high quality and delivered on time. That's why at [merX]{.ul} we put a lot of effort into inspecting building suppliers and only work with those who provide first-class products and professional service. Whatever building material you choose from us, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Everything for rough construction

Facade systems, masonry materials, thermal insulation and binders and fillers form an essential part of rough constructions and their selection must be given sufficient attention. It is definitely not worth saving on products from this category, because what you "save" on the rough construction can then be returned to you in the subsequent repair of damages. At [merX]{.ul} , we assume that you can "rely" on all suppliers of materials for rough construction and their products will delight you with their precise workmanship and quality.

Building materials for the interior

It's no surprise that the "building block" of interiors is [foundations and tiles]{.ul} . But how to choose the right ones? The most important thing is what the interior is for. Are you building offices in the city center? Then you'll probably go for quality, yet elegant-looking [floors and tiles]{.ul} . Are you more interested in the interior of the factory? Then the durability and durability of floors or tiles will probably play a key role for you.

It is also important to choose quality [building chemicals]{.ul} , such as adhesives, jointing compounds, waterproofing, sealants or silicones. These are necessary for laying paving and tiling or for grouting.

Last but not least, in the category of building materials for the interior, you will also find material for dry construction, specifically plasterboard, building boards or tools for working with plasterboard or electrical installation material.

Building fillings for houses, offices and factories

Building panels are designed to make buildings accessible for use or interior lighting. These include door cases, interior doors and door frames, steel door frames, attic stairs, skylights or locks and door fittings.

The assembly of this type of building materials comes next after the completion of the [rough construction]{.ul} and it depends on what specifically you need to equip the construction. For example, [door cases]{.ul} are very practical because they allow the door itself to slide into the wall and at the same time have some of the properties of classic masonry. For example, you can attach shelves to them.

Everything for building a roof

The main task of the [roof]{.ul} is to protect the building from the weather, such as rain or snow. The roof usually comprises a supporting structure and a roof covering laid on it. Because there are an inexhaustible number of types of roofs (roofs of family houses, residential houses, office buildings, roofs of garden houses or parking spaces), this category is very extensive.

To find all the building materials you need for roof construction, we have prepared a number of subcategories for you. For example: Anchoring technology, gutter systems, roofing foils, waterproofing, fired roofing, skylights or asphalt sealants and cleaners.

Garden construction

In the [garden construction]{.ul} category, you will find everything important for the successful completion of the exterior around the building. Outdoor paving, material for brick fences, various types of wire fences, quality garden houses or curbs and palisades. Thanks to these building materials, you can adapt the exterior exactly as you need.