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A clutch is a set of elements that connects two drive and driven systems. Its role is to transfer torque between them. It is commonly said that it is the connection between the gearbox and the engine. The clutch is an integral part of the car and consists of several components exposed to considerable forces. In this category, you can find the components of the best brands needed for this system.

Clutch components - not just the clutch plate

In order for the torque generated by the crank and piston system to be transferred to the transmission, a clutch is required. Without it, it would be impossible to start the engine while stationary and stop the vehicle during operation. The clutch control in engines with manual gearbox is carried out using a pedal. In vehicles with an "automat", its control lies within the power of the computer. The complete clutch is built using a flywheel, crankshaft, bearing, clutch plate, pressure, springs and a clutch shaft. All these elements, during correct operation, affect the operation of the entire mechanism.

A flywheel is mounted to the crankshaft, which is in contact with the clamp. On the gearbox side, a clutch shaft is implemented to which a disc can be installed. When the pedal is pressed, the set separates from each other and no torque is transmitted to the transmission. For operation, the efficiency of each of the components is essential. In this category, you will find elements that will surely be useful to mechanics and enthusiasts when making repairs. The high quality of the component made by a reputable manufacturer is a guarantee that the replaced element will serve for a long time.

Provide the best component quality

The clutch, which connects the engine to the gearbox, disengages the transmission and the output shaft of the power unit. This makes it possible to smoothly change gear or stop the car. The components are subject to wear, so it is worth paying attention to the behaviour of the car. Components such as the clutch disc, pressure and bearing can be easily found in this category. These basic elements make up a system known as the clutch. The flywheel, crankshaft, clutch shaft and springs are also subject to wear. It is worth checking their condition and replacing them if necessary. Manufacturers who offer their components on our website made sure that everyone could find the right element, tailored to the car model. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the vehicle will work without any problems after the repair, and the driving will be completely safe.

Problems with the clutch - replace the defective part

There are several symptoms that tell you that the clutch needs to be replaced. The first is its "glide". The driver feels the torque transmission to the drive axle is interrupted. It is most noticeable when accelerating or driving under heavy load. Clutch replacement may also be necessary if the driver notices that the clutch responds in the high position of the pedal. This shows the wear of the linings. On the other hand, when the characteristic unpleasant smell is felt, the clutch is burning. This phenomenon is often noticed when driving on the depressed pedal. Other symptoms include jack jitter, difficulty shifting gears with the engine running, and jerking when starting off. If you notice changes while driving, be sure to visit a workshop. The defective part must be replaced in order to be able to safely drive the vehicle again. In this category you will find suitable components at attractive prices. In the event that a clutch replacement is required, you will also find this mechanism with us.

The quality of the products that manufacturers offer on our portal is confirmed by the satisfaction of many customers. Regardless of whether the scope of work includes the replacement of one or several clutch elements, you can order products dedicated to individual models through our website. See also the other categories. You will surely find the items you need to get your vehicle back in working order. Place an order right now and enjoy high-quality products.