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Thin 26x240mm thin
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Thin 26x240mm thin

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€8.17 +VAT
  • For metal: 65
  • LED: *****2
  • Solvent - based paints and varnishes: 68
  • Temperature range: 90
  • Hair / brush height mm: 06
  • Mark: 09
  • Accuracy +/- mm: 0
  • Number of puller arms: 40
Hammerjack OÜ
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Chiseling is a type of machining that involves cutting the material with a knife attached to a slide that performs a vertical or horizontal reciprocating movement. This method is used for machining non-rotating shapes such as gear teeth, cams, and keyways. Chiseling is also often part of other mechanical work on parts, such as turning, milling and grinding. This process uses chisels made of tool steel or unalloyed steel. Hand-held chisels are useful to specialists in many industries - so if you run a multi-trade business, the products available on this website will certainly come in handy when carrying out orders. Thanks to their robust construction, each of them is guaranteed to last a long time.

A chisel is a very simple tool consisting of two or maximum three elements - a blade, a handle and possibly reinforcement of the end of the handle. Regardless of your choice of shape and material, the chisels available in this category are characterised by a high degree of abrasion, heat and impact resistance. Check out our diverse selection of sizes and shapes, and you're sure to find something to suit your needs.

Chisels - Types

A carpenter's chisel is a tool used for woodworking, allowing you to perform precise tasks even in hard-to-reach places. Choose high quality chisels that will serve you for many years! In this category, you will find the most versatile, used for most basic jobs carpenter's chisels flat, and the so-called gouges. This is a type of concave chisels used for making holes and gouges. Among the flat models we distinguish chisels with side chamfer, without chamfer or with convergent chamfer. The choice of the appropriate model depends on the type of work to be done. In our wide offer there are also special carpenter's chisels for untypical tasks. They can be socketed, bent, angled, as well as long or short.

Chisels carpenter's chisels are generally driven by hand, so they do not have a steel ferrule at the end. On the other hand, carpentry chisels are hammered with a special tool, for this reason they have a stronger blade and ferrule at the end of the handle. By construction we distinguish carpenter's chisels with a shank, which ensure a firm fit of the workpiece in the handle, chisels with a sleeve - their design provides good ergonomics and the shape of the handle socket allows the transfer of large forces during impact, as well as Japanese models combining the advantages of both types. In this category you will also find chisels in Western and Chinese shape. You can also find turning chisels of different sizes and thickness on our portal. They are indispensable for working with a lathe, and forged blades made of hardened carbon steel guarantee the highest hardness. Choose turning chisels with different profiles, which will be perfect for shaping wood.


Chiselling is used to make polygonal cutouts with regular cross-sections, keyways in blind holes or through holes, as well as internal profiles and contours. On our portal you will find a wide range of products from proven companies - so you can choose the right cutters for your needs. The platform offers individual models with wood or plastic handles, allowing you to fill any gaps in your workshop. And if you're just starting out, opt for practical multi-piece sets.

Chisels have versatile use. The multitude of available models will allow you to make garden decorations, grooves and recesses. With their help you can also clean hard surfaces. Start your work choosing the highest quality tools and find the ideal product for you from a wide range, which is made available on our platform by manufacturers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Estonia. Visit also other categories, where a number of practical solutions await you.