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Body damage can take many forms - from broken lighting elements, through scratched paint, to dents in the metal sheet. In such situations, our auction site comes in handy, where you can find many accessories for repair or body parts ready to be installed in the car. Check out the full offer guaranteed by the best producers in this category!

Building a complete vehicle body

Advanced production technology nowadays allows for the creation of light and durable structures. Individual body parts combined into one system can be called a complete body. In the cars produced in the past, a frame, finishing elements and interior fittings were used. Steel, aluminium, plastic and recently also carbon fibber were used to build individual components. In this way, the weight of the vehicle can be significantly reduced without losing its stiffness.

The most frequently replaced body parts by users are:

  • front and rear bumper,

  • wheel arches,

  • fenders,

  • mask,

  • trunk lid,

  • thresholds,

  • running boards,

  • windows,

  • lighting elements.

Most often, the need for repair or replacement is caused by mechanical damage, the presence of water and road salt, as well as improperly performed bodywork repairs. Fortunately, many great body parts can be found on our portal - manufacturers offer us high-quality components at attractive prices.

Application of body elements

First of all, the body is used to isolate the passengers from the environment. It provides them with a safe form of travel, greatly reducing the impact of external conditions. Manufacturers attach great importance to the reliability of the structure and to make it with attention to detail. The growing importance of design in the automotive industry means that cars must look great not only inside, but also outside. That's why body parts are not only protective, but also visual. In this category you will find bodies tailored to your individual needs - just pay attention to the specifications provided by the manufacturers, and you will certainly find what you are looking for.

A high level of safety for travellers is important especially during road incidents. Bumps, parking damages and accidents show that cars equipped with new body parts can withstand damage better. On our website you will find offers from reputable manufacturers that will reduce the flow of kinetic energy to travellers, providing them with protection. In addition, the entire body and individual components protect other parts of the vehicle. The body prevents moisture and other harmful factors from reaching the inside of the vehicle, covers the engine, fuel tank, trunk and electronic systems - it is extremely important, so do not save on this part and invest in a good-quality component.

Body replacement - when it is necessary

The vast majority of body parts are exposed to mechanical damage and the negative influence of harmful substances. For a deep impact, even a point hit, it may be necessary to acquire a new element. It is worth remembering that the body, like many other elements, has a certain strength threshold and when it is exceeded, a structural fracture occurs, which is not worth repairing. Wide access to replacements and high costs of sheet metal services mean that the decision to replace components is often made. Some exterior elements, such as lighting accessories and plastics, cannot be repaired. So it is better to get new parts and remember to always have a few spare parts in stock in case of an unforeseen event.

The bodywork elements available on our website are at competitive prices. These parts are produced by specialists in the field of automotive industry and are characterized by good operational parameters. You can adjust them according to the specialization to a specific vehicle model. Familiarize yourself with other categories of our store and check the availability of other accessories that are necessary in a constantly used car.