Cafes and confectioneries

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Cafes and confectioneries

The equipment of cafes and confectioneries should be efficient, durable and easy-to-clean devices and accessories. In this category, each entrepreneur will find confectionery accessories, ice cream makers, coffee makers, coffee machines and many other, smaller tools that will allow for precise individual orders. Check what the suppliers have prepared and order the necessary products at attractive prices.

Confectionery accessories

In every sweet business, the right confectionery tools are necessary, thanks to which you can make cakes, desserts or monoportions.Confectionery tools allow you to create decorations for cakes, evenly distribute the mass or measure the right portion of cream. Confectionery wounds, bags, sleeves, spatulas, brushes, butts, trays, cups, knives, gas burners, cutting rolls, tongs - these confectionery accessories and many other practical accessories can be ordered thanks to the platform dedicated to corporate purchases.

In this category, you can also find devices that will allow you to prepare delicious, sweet meals, such as pancake makers. No confectionery can do without a professional whipping cream machine. Small dimensions make it fit into any, even the smallest premises. In every confectionery or restaurant that offers desserts, you will need an appropriate display or cooling display, which will not only provide the right temperature to the baked goods, but will also beautifully display them.

Confectionery tables

Appropriate confectionery tables should facilitate any preparation of cakes. A properly prepared worktop will accommodate all the sheets, forms and accessories that are necessary for the confectioner at a given moment. Various types of countertops made of natural wood will look beautiful in the confectionery studio. With their help, you can make a functional place for work or consumption. High-quality wooden countertops, thanks to their properties, allow you to conveniently and comfortably decorate, roll or cut appropriate shapes. The height of the table top can be adjusted to the height of employees, it is enough to buy appropriate legs. Confectionery tables should be easy to maintain and clean, so it is worth using sanded and varnished models. The suppliers that you can find on the MerXu platform offer many interesting solutions - you will certainly find one that will work for your company.

Ice cream makers

Many confectioneries and restaurants decide to produce ice cream on their own or sell it. All devices necessary for their implementation have been collected in this category. Professional gelato blender, Thai ice cream machine as well as smaller ice cream makers. Perfect for the production of sorbets and frozen yoghurts. The readable display will inform you about the work progress. If the company decides to purchase products from external partners, it is worth getting a freezer cabinet for litter boxes.

Coffee machines and accessories

In every cafe or restaurant, high-class coffee prepared from the best beans should not be missing. In this category you will find an efficient gastronomic coffee machine that will allow you to brew several drinks at the same time. It is up to the owner to decide on the automatic version or the stock model or the overflow version. Many models have an automatic cleaning function, which significantly facilitates the barista's work. A gastronomic espresso machine is evidently a must have in any self-respecting restaurant.

If the gastronomic coffee machine cannot grind the beans on its own, it is worth investing in a grinder. Certainly, many customers will appreciate the taste of freshly ground coffee. Thanks to the Merx shopping platform, you can order accessories dedicated to baristas, such as milk jugs, coffee grounds beaters or iced coffee mixers. In buffets or during breakfast in the form of a smorgasbord, a practical solution is to use a professional coffee brewer. Thanks to it, you can prepare even a few liters of a drink, so that it is enough for all guests. The non-drip tap, stainless steel housing, built-in filter for coarse ground coffee and the long-lasting function of maintaining the right temperature make the device a practical aid when serving breakfast. Professional coffee makers with a measuring cup can be conveniently cleaned and prepared for the next working day. It is worth trusting experienced suppliers!