Cable routing elements

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Cable management components

Cable management components are crucial for securing electrical installations. Among the most important are various types of cable ducts. For the organization and distribution of cabling are also responsible, depending on the location of the electrical installation, electrical protective tubes - smooth and corrugated, corrugated, covered and perforated installation strips, wire trays, various types of connectors, culverts, muffs and clamps. All this equipment enables and ensures the safety of use and proper operation of individual components. Regardless of whether the installation is carried out flush or surface mounted, there is a suitable type of protection to protect wiring of all kinds.

Building Cable Management Components

From small applications in single family homes, workshops and basements to commercial warehouses and retail buildings, cable management components are commonplace. Any electrical installation of this type must meet safety requirements and be well protected against damage. Various types of protective pipes, clips, bushings, wall and ceiling brackets make it possible to run electric cables between different points of the installation. These elements shield the cables and protect against electric shock.

Safe use of industrial areas and good cable organization is particularly important in the workplace. Cable ducts are an excellent tool to protect these surfaces both indoors and outdoors. They are used in public facilities such as hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, stadiums or museums. Cable ducts make it possible to hide power supply cables, telephone cables, optical fibres, computer cabling and CCTV installations and move them away from passageways. In addition to their important safety function, cable management components also have an aesthetic dimension. The vast majority of cable management components are removable and can be used in other locations.

Heavy industry and electrical line protection

Cable management components are a particularly important component of any industrial installation. A safe and well-organized electrical installation is especially important in high-risk facilities. Outdoor wiring in steel mills, sewage treatment plants, solar power plants, quarries or plants where the process takes place outdoors must have robust and corrosion resistant cable ducts. All distribution and holding fixtures for electrical installations and additional wiring in these cases also meet high quality standards. The construction is protected by galvanizing or is made of stainless steel resistant to weather and other chemicals. Fastening and sealing of cable exits between zones is carried out by means of dedicated cable glands, clamps and grommets.

Cable Grips - Small Installation Fittings

Cable clips are used to organize and clearly run surface mounted cable installations. They can be mounted to various types of substrate such as concrete, brick, wood or steel. They are available in single mounting variants, as well as for organizing cables into sections. The element holding the cables is often a clamp, a specially shaped clamping element or a closed profile which prevents the cables from moving. They enable surface mounted lighting installations and secure holding of individual electrical components.

Underground cable management elements

Some parts of the electrical installation run below the surface of the ground. For the purpose of protection and protection against damage, various types of protective pipes with oval or square profiles are used. They are increasingly replacing concrete cable ducts. They enable safe and quick installation between buildings and in places where it is impossible to pull the above-ground line. Below-ground electrical installation is protected against the ingress of moisture by means of sealing rings, which also meet the rigorous strength standards for this class of electrical equipment. Telecommunication and fiber optic cables are also routed through them.