Cable pulling accessories

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Cable pulling accessories

Cable management accessories are components for cable management, which make cables work very well and safely. Every cable must not only be concealed, but also protected. For this reason, special cable troughs not only protect against abrasion and cuts, but also effectively camouflage the cabling when it is part of a skirting board installation.

Cable pulling accessories: characteristics

The Cable Pulling Accessories can be matched to any type of installation. It is only necessary to suggest the structure of the installation and select the appropriate elements with this in mind. Therefore, deciding on the cable pulling you can choose from accessories for installation: flush-mounted, plug-in, surface-mounted, as well as strip. Applied in them modern and at the same time universal solutions will make all the cables will be perfectly protected from potential danger. You can buy special covers both for electrical, telephone, TV and fiber optic cables. Both gutters and other elements are solid and look aesthetically pleasing. This solution allows you to use them anywhere. Most often, cable pulling kit includes elements such as snap-on cable trunking, colring ties, mounting profiles, as well as flexible and rigid pipes. This allows you to secure components for both permanent and temporary installations. Gutters not only hide cables, but also protect them from damage. Among accessories enabling cable pulling there are also: reels for unwinding, reels for winding, reels for winding, nylon draggers for leading cables, cable unwinders, sets of basalt rods or remote controls intended for pulling cables. Depending on their specifics, accessories should be selected for the application one requires. The manufacturers' websites always specify the technical parameters, so no one should have a problem with matching the right solutions.

Cable pulling accessories: useful items

Individual cable routing elements are a useful accessory that proves its worth when it comes to properly routing cables over various surfaces. They can be used to install any kind of installation during renovation and construction work. All models available on the market are designed in such a way that they can accommodate a given cable or wire. Thanks to the individual accessories, you can lay and secure any cables in such a way that you can freely finish certain surfaces. Cables will then remain intact when screeding, plastering or plasterboarding floors, walls or ceilings. Always choose accessories of sufficient length to accommodate long electrical, telecom or control cables. Fast and efficient installation allows for proper routing of cables in the wall, floor or ceiling.

The use of individual cable routing elements also allows for proper routing and fixing of the cables. It is not without importance to ensure the safety of users, associated with the protection of cables against damage. Most often, customers buy protective pipes and hoses or electrical installation hoses, as well as cable ladders and cable trays. Then there is no possibility of any physical damage to the cables. Aesthetic solutions include: floor trunking, wiring trunking and columns allowing for functional connection of electrical, telephone or computer sockets. If the cables are routed in the right way, not only does it increase the functionality of the space, or make it easier to manage electronics, but also a given room can be kept more orderly. This is because the cables do not get tangled. If necessary, you can also get special fixing systems, including ties, mounting tapes, clips, clamps and screws. Marking systems including foils, cable markers and labels are also available. If there are to be more cables in a given space, you can opt to purchase cable routing systems.